Tuesday, June 8

At special meetings, held  in Preval’s personal office in the interim palace, on Monday and Tuesday, Preval and his inner circle planned moves against the Haitian society, in general, and the political class in particular Preval plans to burn down a number of public places and blame his opponents for the crimes. He will then pressure MINUSTAH to arrest his targets.

He is already planning to disrupt the proposed, planned elections in November of this year. He is targeting Mirlande Manigat, Evans Paul, Charles Baker and Jean-Henry Ceant plus a number of popular movements including the growing AIMER HAITI…best known for its successful hospital near the American Embassy.

We would hope that the foreign diplomats, and MINUSTAH will see through Preval’s game, otherwise people will die.


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  1. in fact, all of these people, so called, haitian politicians are the same, including Preval himself. The have no plan, no objective, no vision, no nothing to change anything in Haiti. in reality, Who are these guys?
    The are responsible for the chaos of this country, all of them without exception.Now, what could be done to solve the problem? We need to clear the mess. We need to re-read the Constitution. We need to stop the system of political criminality practicing to get to power in this country.We need to re-write our History as nation, as people and re-define our option to bring : Freedom, Prosperity and Peace indefinitely in Haiti for the benefice of his people. We need to stop the Laboratory, the factory mechanism which is in place to fabric this style of criminal governments to work only for the genocide of the entire nation.

    There is a Way to accomplish that. This Way in there. We need to find it.This year is the last Year of these Criminals. They are facing a big challenge.Some how, the people and the entire nation will be set free. We are praying for that and God will provide.

    Be confident, people of Haiti.You are not forgotten for ever.
    the criminals will be punished anyway. The judgment of God in on its way, nobody can’t stop it. Put your hope in the Lord, the Son of God and you will be blessed for ever.

    God loves Haiti.
    I know it and I am working for His Kingdom to be established among the Haitians for real.

    May it be so!
    His Angels are already in positions to make happen.
    In a very short time, the country will be cleared.
    The Lord will take the country over and the nation will be overcome its burden.

    Keep faith, if you believe, you will see the Glory of God.
    The days of the Criminals are known.Their power is at the end.

    May God bless Haiti for ever!
    I will be with and among you too soon.

    Haitian Moses.

  2. Well said, Moses.

    We are waiting for the Man on the White Horse to ride in and save the Nation.

    The Classe Politique we have now is made up of incompetents, and criminals….sometimes incompetent criminals…who have no other goal than to steal as much money as possible.

    The concept of a real free-and-fair-election is still a foreign concept…and we have yet to experience such a thing. I believe that the November elections represent the last real opportunity for Haiti to save itself. Haiti has long been a laboratory for foreign experimentation and this must stop – now!

    It is up to Haitians, they must take the steps to save themselves and their country. They must insist upon a truly independent Electoral Council – CEP – and insist upon a proper count of their ballots. Unless this is done, there will be no Hope.

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