http://www.radiojamaica.com/images/stories/rene-preval-01.jpgPresident Rene Preval is – at this very moment –      involved with a convoluted series of negotiations that he hopes will see him step down from power while retaining the hundreds of millions he has stolen from Haiti’s treasury.  He is  also requesting immunity for his wife Elizabeth Delatour, from prosecution for tax evasion in the United States.

The American agencies have evidence of his involvement in, among other things, Mireille Durocher-Bertin’s assassination in 1995, the cocaine traffic during his various terms in office, his torture of an American born American citizen in 1991, his part in the theft of $198,000,000 Petro Caraibe funds, for Goinaives reconstruction in 2008, money from the SOCABANK crime, plus a myriad of other instance on crime including the murder of Monica Pierre in the now infamous Port-de-Paix drug fiasco that involved just about everyone in the Haitian government, including Senator Lambert.

Why anyone would want to let Preval walk away, safely with his money, is beyond belief. Perhaps he has retained a dossier on money paid to Washington notables, past and present.

Washington is also aware of his direct involvement with the murder of Jean Dominique. Dominique’s wife was a close friend of Preval, a mistress at one time, and is considered – by Preval – as a future president. Montas was complicit in the cover-up following the assassination of her husband.

Look to see Preval depart within the next 21 days.

Be prepared for another of those complete failures, a Transitional Government with members pressed upon Haiti’s prostrate society by Washington.



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  1. There should be no impunity otherwise we will never possess law. Preval should be judged for his crimes as any other personnage. No one should be supreme to the laws.

    He was a failed Baker.

    He has been a successful criminal…

    He has been a failure as a President of Prime Minister.

    Let him return to the poverty from which he came with nothing other than what he possessed then.

    His stolen wealth should return to help the people of Haiti.

  2. Si pa gen sitirè pa gen vòlè. Jn Claude Duvalier vòlè, pi lale ak tout lajan pèp la, Nad marinad! Aristide vini, li vòlè lajan e li touye anpil piti pèp la, lale, nanad marinad. Preval fè konplo ak Aristide ansanm ak Michel Montas, yo asasinen Dominique, nad marinad. aristide ak Preval ésasinen Georges ak Antoine Izmery, Guy Malary, Mireille Durocher Bertin, Senateur LAmbert et latriye… nad marinad! Pésonn pa di anyen paske se ayisyen, yo pa menm konn sa yo vle!. Aristide-Preval piye peyi-a, yo touye anpil pitit pèp la avek MINUSTAH, ONU< USA< CARICOM ak OEA. depi retou malediksyon sa yo nan peyi-a peyi te deja fini.

    Yo gwo ekzanp pèp la dwe trase sou bann vagabon sa yo kap bay yo pwoteksyon pou yo kab al kache pou yal viv san pwoblenm tankwe ARistide ap fè nan Afrik disid. Ameriken bpap janm finn pran legzanp nan koze Ayiti. pou tet sa, yap peye sa yo fè peyi Dayiti net al kole. Yo fenk koumanse wè bel bagay nan tchouwa you! Lè va gen yon bon gouvelnman responsab nan peyi a ki pap fe tyoul pesonn, lè sa-a nap ka pale de jije you, al koumanse sou blan meriken rive sou ayisyen visye sa yo!

  3. It’s funny, I don’t see this news anywhere else except on this site.
    I don’t like preval, but that doesn’t mean we should be fabricating stuff.

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