July 25, 2010

The gloves are off.

No more subterfuge.

Preval has held a secret meeting with 30 major Haitian businessmen.

He told them that there would be no presidential elections this coming November 28. Instead he will hold elections for the Senate and Chamber of Deputies. Via his control of the CEP – Electoral Council – he will have total control of both the Senate and Chamber of Deputies.  Preval said…”I will control Parliament and then I will hold presidential elections. My man will win and he will do what you want.”

He promised to wipe out all other candidates and run some controlled opposition to give the election a valid appearance.

This criminal association, with the Haitian business community, should come as no surprise.

Camille Leblanc, President of AIMER HAITI, a movement to save the nation, gave a devastating interview in which he named names of those attending the secret meeting with Preval. Leading this criminal sssociation, planning to act against the best interests of Haiti, and the international community, were well known figures including Moscoso, Vorbe, Braun and Bonnefil and Mevs.

Of course, Braun and Moscoso control the two major banks in Haiti, SOGEBEL and UNIBANK. It has often been said that UNIBANK and Braun were the main beneficiaries of Preval’s largesse. The fact that Dimitri Vorbe is one of the Preval insiders is also a well known fact.

Forensic audits, of these two organizations, would be in order before the international banking groups entrust the billions set down for Haiti’s reconstruction…to these institutions. SOGEBANK has had a number of scandals over the past months.

Luckily for Haiti, someone attending the meeting revealed the plot.

It is time for the American government to take a serious look at the game and revoke the visas of each and every businessman who plots to derail the democratic process for his own personal gain.

The International Community is funding the electoral process and must demand the creation of a new CEP – Provisional Electoral Council.

Preval must step down.

The offending businessmen must be sanctioned. They, their family members, and their associates must be barred from benefitting from the massive investments coming out of the earthquake reconstruction programs.

He time for pussy-footing is over. The time  for action is here. A new CEP is a must. Preval’s resignation is a must.

Preval’s criminal cabal must be prosecuted for their many, many crimes over the term of Preval’s presidency.

There can be no immunity!!!


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  1. I am not optimistic.

    The international community has an agenda that does not necessarily favor the well-being of Haiti. It has never done the right thing for Haiti, in the past, so we should not be surprised or disappointed by their immediate reaction – or non-reaction – to this latest outrage.

    It will probably be business as usual with MINUSTAH and the rest of those destroying Haiti.

  2. ABA PREVAL!!!




  3. All last week, Preval did not have time for MINUSTAH, or his cabinet.

    He was in continuous meetings with his gang-leaders, preparing for this very event.

    He will create an environment of instability that will justify cancellation of the elections.The fact that Mulet, of MINUSTAH, said there would be no elections – a week ago – and specified the reasons that will be given to justify their cancellation – suggests he and Preval are partners in this crime.


  4. Preval is our embarassment. We did not seek him, he was gifted by the UN and pressured upon us. Now the blan should take their man and leave us . Perhaps some of the commerce can depart also.

    I lost all things on Janvier 12 including my child. Preval has done nothing for Haiti. Make him depart. Make also the UN to depart from our lands.

  5. Here we are in the morning of July 26th and I have just looked through the Miami Herald.

    Not a single word about this important event even though it is on all radio stations throughout Haiti and on the tongues of all.

    No wonder we have our problems unsolved.

    The media persons report only what they are told to recount. They are fiction.

  6. Bill Clinton, Cheryl Mills and Prime Minister Bellerive head the committee for Haiti’s reconstruction. Bill is Hillary’s husband and Cheryl is Hillary’s right-hand person. Cheryl also defended Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky fiasco.

    So we have the Clinton’s controlling 2 of the 3 positions and Bill Clinton just held the first meeting in 5 months. Not serious.

    They have been chanting praise for Rene Preval so where do we go from here??

    Straight down?

  7. I don’t call this rat as a president because 99% of them not qualified to be president in a haiti,Preval had no vision no hope no mission stoodup like a tree it if was a jail there his should go to jail and many others .My prediction there is no haitian can do anything for this country I quoted .All of them are corrupted stelling theft useless,We’re have been bonded 207 years with spirit of devil voodou criminal destructed many still leaving as zombies around in haiti .It’s time for us to try God to set this country free from evil spirit ,remember people God gave us all the power we needs to do what we wanted it’s in us to bless .May God bless u all until next time.

  8. I am stunned, but then again, we should be able to guess that if it is possible to do something wrong, Preval never lets us down. He is so confident that the lifestyle of a thief will be his for the rest of the future.

    I will spit at the door to your cage while your people rebuild what you are destroying Preval.

    Perhaps something in Haiti should be named after you afterall.
    I will name my toilet after you, Rene Preval.
    Yes, I am lucky to still have one.

    In it, I will cast my vote for you.

  9. Why is Preval still with us?

    He is an enemy of all except Castro and Chavez.

    He oversees the cocaine traffick to America.

    He steals money that should help the people.

    His wife does not pay her American tax fees.

    He must have some compromising dossiers against some powerful foreigners…otherwise he would be history.

  10. There is nothing more and nothing plus,Preval will remain in power for ever in Haiti, because, tha Mafia in unto his hands.

    It is too clear that, he feels so comfortable as President of Haiti like Francois Duvalier.Duvalier has been maintained in power by the same gangsters. Did you get his message? He communicated to the public, nationally and international his message. He would like to show who are behind him and his gangs.

    So, He would like to say to people, nobody can defeat him, because the International Community is whit him. Except the death,like in the Duvalier,s case, he will not depart from the National Palce.So, will see.

    Carl Braun and associates had taken him in copter from Marmelade to the national palace evn the elections were not over.Right now, they still stand behind him to accomplish what his scope of work.

    So,the elections will be held anyway, but, they will loose what they have as more important too.They distributing big money to the political Leaders all over the country to force to participate in the election process. That’s great!Everyone changes cloth for US $, THAT’S FINE.

    RDNP, RESPE, and so on, Good Luck!

    I hope that everyone remembers WHAT I am telling in this case.

    For sure, the time will come when nobody will have a place to hide.

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