1. Please post facts to support the heading. We don’t need to upset people anymore than is neededam

  2. It is very simple.

    I am in Haiti and was with the supplier of pharmaceuticals who offered re-hydration powder – for treatment of cholera – and vaccine to prevent cholera. Health Minister Doctor Larsen was responsive, but President Preval declined the offer, preferring to take it under advisement.

    Shirley, don’t give me that “upset” bit. I am here, watching people die as hospitals close their doors. There is simply no space to absorb more people and they are dying.

    The situation is going to get worse…much worse.

    Families have contracted Cholera and neighbours refuse to help, fearful of the disease. Tap Tap drivers refuse to transport infected people.

    And Rene Preval, who has stolen millions, blocks potential life-saving elements. I believe he is doing this to justify delaying the elections so he can stay in power.

    Small children are wasting away as their mothers seek help, where there is none.

    This will eventually be worse than the earthquake.

    So, Shirley, I am sorry to upset you, but reality is reality


  3. so now it is all about election.you know what I am starting not to believe in your news.why would Preval refuse treatment for the one infected it does not make since. knowing that himself can get affected?
    what does election have to do with this?
    And where the hell is Michael Jean? have they shouted her mouth too?
    where the hell is Wyclef Jean? why have all of these people shout their mouth?
    guys talk the world is listening,your action can make a difference are you all going to sit there and let one man do all this that we are reading in the news?
    are you truelly going to wait for Jude celestin to be put as President to do something?

    1. Jean- What you say about Preval potentially becoming infected is not at all anywhere close to reality. Of course, he has clean water, and toilets and showers that are ALL clean water provided.

      It has everything to do with elections. If there is enough of a crisis- Like tens of thousands dead- elections are canceled.

      If there is a legitimate election, Preval will need to go into hiding as the US, France, and a few other nations want to pursue legal charges against him, and cannot do this while he is President. Stall the election, and avoid prosecution, and allow him to steal more money from us here in Haiti.

    2. Jean- Wycelf and Preval are friends. They don’t care one bit for you, me, or the dead people that are starting to pile up on the street behind the hospital.

      Did you not know that the hospitals are closing their doors on new patients??

      Don’t ask where wyclef is- he is likely getting a blowjob

  4. Preval will do anything to keep power.
    He cares not anything for the people and never did.
    Aristide cared.
    Jean-Henry Ceant sponsors a hospital while Preval sponsors corruption.

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