An international polling organization recently carried out a survey throughout Haiti, questioning  more that 5,000 Haitians from all areas, and all ways of life, as to their opinion of Jean-Claude Duvalier and their feelings with regard to his possible return to Haiti.



Their results are said to be plus or minus 3% with regard to accuracy of result.

78.67% were in favor of Duvalier’s return.

18.23 percent voiced negative feelings and the balance had no opinion.

The survey found that most of those questioned  were born after Jean-Claude Duvalier’s departure into exile in February, 1986. Their opinions were influenced, to a large degree, by the feelings of their parents, and grandparents, who had lived under the presidencies of Francois Duvalier 1958-1971 and Jean-Claude Duvalier 1971- 1986.  It would appear that, contrary to media representations, the Duvaliers, father and son, were loved and respected by Haiti’s vast peasant majority.

Their positive feelings have been reinforced by the disastrous series of governments, since Duvalier’s departure, that have seen the country slip downwards in all aspects of life. Their parents and grandparents tell the young people that things were positively better under Duvalier.

They say that there was law-and-order under Duvalier, tourism, investment, jobs and medical care. The majority maintain that educational standards were much higher with Duvalier and the existing schooling in Haiti is an obscene insult to the community.

A recent demonstration for Jean-Claude Duvalier drew over 15,000 people and some of the crowd is shown in this photograph as Veronique Duvalier speaks to her people.

Many believe that Duvalier can be a stabilizing influence in the present unstable situation.


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  1. In my opinion, I strongly believe that Duvalier return can be a stabilizing influence in the present unstable situation.


  2. The truth that no one wants to hear. Even before the earthquake, regardless if you liked him or not, Haiti has been on a downward spiral since he left. Maybe he created stability or maybe Haitians were not prepared for a western form of democracy but since 1986 infightng, corruption (even exceeding Duvaliers), drugs and common crime has taken over the country. one way or another few can argue “everyone” lived better in the 70’s and 80’s in Haiti.

  3. The international community took Jean-Claude Duvalier away from us and replaced him with the likes of Aristide, Gerard Latortue and Preval.

    There must be some sort of lesson here, even if it is not a positive one.

    Duvalier was always popular with the massive Haitian majority.

    However, criminal organizations like the MIAMI HERALD and others…promoted a lot of lies and aberrations that prepared the slide for Duvalier’s departure.

    Then the MIAMI HERALD lied about Aristide’s presidency.

    Foreigners should keep their noses out of Haiti’s business.

  4. defintetly under duvalier regime things were more stable.You cannot grant a black total democracy it has been proven since 1986 we do not know how to manage it.. crimes, corruptions, gangs, laissez faire, bad education etc has been down on a spiral… we need someone who cares about the country, we need a true nationalist and patriot, someone who care about the growth of the country. I wish all the government that exist now had perish with the earthquake…

  5. Jean-Claude Duvalier return would be a great for haiti now. He would not want to be a failure rather would show more by doing positive things. Haiti needs its national army back to protect our borders. Why do you thing most oppositions are from the north? Where and who do you thing get them weapons. Our sea needs to be supervised by military. Duvalier will and can do that.
    Duvalier juste qua la mort…

  6. I can understand there are alot of people who think bring baby doc back would stabilize the country. Seriously speaking the man depleted hundreds and hundreds of millions of $ from haiti. He empowered criminals etc. 1 thing baby and Papa Doc did correctly was maintained law. With respect to that how are they any different then saddam Hussein…Soon as he left office everyone I mean everyone wanted to run the country so what does that do but bring more violence and unstability to the country. Please save me the BS. Baby Doc is lucky he isnt in jail or dead. I am an Aristide supporter I dont even think he should be allowed back into Haiti reason being it will cloud the main issue which is the people and it will bring unrest cause there are alot of Anti Aristide supporters..

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