Canadians threatened in Jacmel

The Canadians had chosen Jacmel as the focus of their relief efforts. They organized everything in Jacmel…electricity, business …started to build roads. Because they are using good, honest people from the population, Jacmel’s Cartel – headed by Zenny, Senator Lambert and others are uncomfortable. These same people were major supporters of the Preval Presidential Election efforts. Mayor Zenny hosted Preval, and UN advisers, during the campaign and Zenny donated $1,600,000 to Preval’s campaign.

You have a situation in Jacmel where the Canadians involved in restoration of the area have been threatened by Mayor Zenny and Senator Lambert, plus other members of the cartel.

If the Canadians are successful in their efforts to help Jacmel…the Cartel members will not be re-elected.

The Canadians asked the UN for help and are awaiting a reply.

May pull out soon, if comments are to be believed.

One must understand the significance of the Jacmel situation. One of the Zenny family members married the daughter of CAM founder, creating a massive network for the laundering of drug money for the Jacmel Cartel.

This group controls most of the food imports into Haiti from the Dominican Republic. One twitch from them and the food supply could be cut off. They are the Caribbean Market… where people died while guards kept rescuers away… DEA, MUNUSTAH and PNH sources say there was a secret chamber, underneath the building, where a cache of cocaine and cash was buried. They kept rescuers away until this could be retrieved. People died as a result. One Haitian lawyer, and his family were trapped for four days. They maintained cell phone communication, begging for rescue. This rescue was blocked for days, by the Caribbean Market people.


Senator Lambert  may be a major cocaine trafficker, but he is not a fool. Lambert realizes that he, Zenny and the rest of his associates will be toast if Preval falls. The drug community backed Preval’s presidential candidacy because they knew the alternative candidates would try to put an end to the cocaine business.

One must wonder at the Americans’ motivations here. How on earth could they release Faurel Celistin, with his fortune intact, after his depredations. He is now back in business and those who helped with his original arrest must now live in fear.

There must be a lesson here.

Perhaps it is..

Cocaine traffickers are good?

Honest people are disposable?


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  1. How can u even call yourself haitian feeding rumours that harm people. Misinformation!!! Can’t u just leave the journalist do their jobs. Diaspora you guys always think that you know what’s happening in the country…in the end u dont know anything u watch from afar too afraid to confront the reality of the country. COWARD. such a shame! waste of time. Isnt there anything more useful you could do to help???
    Lots of talk no Action!!!
    Shame on you

    1. A reply to X – Yes, we are in Haiti, and YOU are in Europe- Who is commenting from afar????
      No, you don’t even post your name with your comment. Perhaps you are the coward here-



    This jerk, who signs himself “X” hasn’t the guts to give his real name. And he is e-mailing from a European server!!

    He is the one who is “afar.”

    I was last out of Haiti months ago…four days in Miami to collect medicines that required refrigeration.

    I am e-mailing this from a location from which I can look out and see the destroyed National Palace.

    I was here when the quake struck and was lucky enough to only suffer minor broken bones, while others lost their limbs, brothers, sister, parents, aunts, uncles, friends.

    I was here, trying to rescue people, over the days as the smell of death grew stronger.

    I was here, collecting and distributing medical supplies and medicines to those who needed it.

    I am trying to arrange for food supplies to feed something over 5000 people. It is a frightening situation that – once started – you cannot stop. All of a sudden you are responsible for all of these lives.

    I am negotiating with a Georgia firm for steel framed houses that are easy to erect and will withstand future earthquakes.

    I was here a couple of nights ago, sleeping on a very thin piece of foam, on a hard floor, in a dark room, with mosquitoes…when a 4.7 tremor woke and frightened everyone – again. I am here, organizing transfer of relief supplies to Haiti. I may well die here if a stronger quake hits and takes us with it to join the 500,000 already lost.

    And where are you… coward??

    You are judging things from a safe location in Europe!!

    Git Mama, people like you are basic reasons why Haiti is in its present deplorable state.

    Michael Collins

  3. I am a Canadian with a project in Jacmel.

    The people here are really wonderful and appreciate what we are trying to do. Unfortunately, there are a few who feel we threaten their positions as “enforcers” in this charming area. Like the Columbian cartel leaders, these people spend some dollars to maintain the people’s admiration – sponsoring soccer, racing ATVs and such things.

    We are not in competition with them and only wish to make the peoples’ lives a little better. Unfortunately, the few will make the majority lose these bits of assistance.

    I am personally threatened by the atmosphere that exists and I spent 5 years in the Canadian military as a paratrooper.

    The mayor and his friends will be judged, by the people, some day.

    We will all be gone back to Canada by then.

  4. I too was in Jacmel

    We were trying to increase the infrastructure but a few people who claimed to speak for the mayor made things difficult. I don’t need difficult, so I flew back to Montreal

    Sad because we could have improved roads and other things.

  5. Thank You for the helpful information. Quite insightful I must say. I also liked reading the comments. Keep the great posts coming!

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