Farmers Plant Millions of Trees in Haiti

Following an extensive tour of pubic screenings, “Kombit: The Cooperative” is now available for free on YouTube. Check out this uplifting story of how small-scale family farmers planted 5 million trees in Haiti:
This documentary film by Found Object tells the story of how the Smallholder Farmers Alliance came into being through an innovative partnership with global outdoor lifestyle brand Timberland.
Over the past year, tens of thousands of people throughout the Unites States, Canada and Haiti attended screenings of the film, often followed by discussions. The most common takeaway was a feeling of optimism from seeing how a business model turns tree planting into a way for farmers to improve their crop yields and income… and along the way combats climate change and significantly improves the situation for women farmers.
See for yourself why students, educators, development professionals and the public are rallying behind a success story that challenges the default narrative surrounding Haiti and its future potential.
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