Evinx Daniel,owner of Dan’s Creek Hotel Arrested with 50 kilos

Un ”proche” du président Martelly arrêté pour trafic présumé de drogue

Le commissaire du gouvernement des Cayes, Me Jean Marie Salomon indique avoir procédé à l’arrestation du citoyen Evinx Daniel pour trafic présumé de drogue.


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Le commissaire du gouvernement des Cayes, Me Jean Marie Salomon indique avoir procédé à l’arrestation du citoyen Evinx Daniel pour trafic présumé de drogue.

Le prévenu qui est le propriétaire d’un hôtel à Port-Salut, dans le département du sud, est réputé pour être un proche du président Martelly. Selon Me Salomon, il a été appréhendé avec en sa possession 23 parquets d’une substance assimilable à de la marijuana.

Cependant, depuis sa cellule, l’accusé a apporté un démenti formel aux déclarations du chef du parquet de la troisième ville du pays. « Je ne suis pas un trafiquant de drogue », a-t-il dit.

Il explique avoir lui-même avoir l’initiative d’appeler les autorités policières et judiciaires afin de récupérer les 23 parquets de stupéfiants retrouvés sur les rives tandis qu’il regagnait sa maison sur son bateau.

Notons qu’il s’est aussi présenté comme un proche du président de la République, Joseph Michel Martelly.


Evinx Daniel,Dan’s Creek Hotel


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7 thoughts on “Evinx Daniel,owner of Dan’s Creek Hotel Arrested with 50 kilos

  1. This is where you will discover President Martelly during the Carnival times in Les Cayes.

    Port Salut is big cocaine area with MINUSTAH Uruguayan sailors takeng over much business from local merchants.

    This arrest was of political nature and will see him give up many friends. 50 kilos makes him Kingpin worthy of life without parole chances in Marion Federal Prison unless he cooperates.

    He will surrender his wife, children, mother, dog, cat and members of our governement.

    The message may be for First Lady Sophia.

  2. This guy has been a major mover in the drug business, along with a second hotel owner in the Port Salut area. Daniel is a friend of Martel.ly’s while Nazir is a friend of Aristide’s

    Port Salut is major transit point, along with isle a Vache, which was really controlled by th Jamaicans, a few years ago when I was there. They arrived in cigarette boats and were very unfriendly to any strangers on the island which they considered as their own. Then some better organized Columbians took up residence.

    Port Salut has seen the local operators squeezed out as MINUSTAH members of the Uruguayan detachment use their boats and – earlier – their helicopters to transport the cocaine. It would then be moved out of Port Salut in MINUSTAH vehicles or those of the PNH.

    Embassy sources tell me that the Daniel arrest is a political move. If they were serious, many leading people in Port Salut would have been arrested long ago.

    When a big load arrives in Port Salut the locals say the cocaine has “Tombe” – fallen. everyone knows. It is no secret.

    My prediction – Daniel will be released since he is too close to Martelly and has too many names to give.

  3. Perhaps he did not continue his pay to authorities. He will remit now

  4. For God’s sake, hasn’t Martelly got any concept of our real world realities?

    The cocaine connection has been recognized, and accepted, for the stability of the Haitian situation.

    Having said this, President Martelly should be smart enough to avoid direct, social and very public association, with the COCAINE COMMUNITY and Daniel is a member of this community, along with the other major hotel owner in Port Salut – the Aristide connection. (Also a friend of Martelly, the hotel owner, not Aristide)…

    Instead, Martelly was a guest at Daniel’s place, a few days before the arrest. He sat on the terrace, sharing a bottle of Scotch with the guy.

    And then, the judge who arrested Daniel is fired and another one is appointed by the Martelly team. The fact that the new judge is actually the attorney who represents Daniel – at this very moment – should come as a surprise to no one.

    The recent visit of Canada’s Minister of Foreign Development saw Minister Paradis comment upon Canada’s worries about the lack of respect for the Law should be a warning.

    Obviously the Martelly/Lamothe duo believes they are above any sort of requirement.

    Unfortunately, it would seem that no one in Martelly’s circle really gives a damn. They are all rich now and could care less about any future, other than one in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

    And Prime Minister Lamothe, the person people count on, to keep some stability, is no where near, when needed.

    It is time for Prime Minister Lamothe to burn his passport and stay home to coordinate the business of Haiti. There is enough on his plate now, without looking for more complexities.

    The opposition is on the move. Conille and Senator Bastien, along with Moise Jean-Charles, Belizaire and a host of others, are working to destabilize the situation and the Martelly/Lamothe duo is doing nothing to counteract this. In fact, they add fuel to the fire that will consume their government, perhaps before December.

    Look for a team headed, perhaps, my Mirlande Manigat, in place before the New Year.

    Heaven help Haiti if this disaster occurs.

    The game is in Laurent Lamothe’s court, to use a tennis phrase.

    Martelly is a loose cannon, backed by an incompetent team – headed by the Mayard-Pauls, and a criminal wife – Sophia.

    The American government has counted upon President Michel Martelly to act with Haiti’s interests in mind. His disappointing actions could see him, and those close to him, arrested after his removal – just as Noreiga was arrested.

    No one is irreplaceable.

  5. My intelligence suggests arrestation was results of troubles between 2 dealers not sharing profits.

    Martelly is a retard.

    Daniel soon to be released.

  6. Cousin in Port Salut say Martelly in boat with Daniel. one drug boat capsized another ran out of gaz. Black Official car went for gaz. Boat had drugs. Strange

  7. Haiti police release businessman on drug charge: Local newspaper
    Associated Press
    15/09/2013 – 12:59am


    Haiti police release businessman on drug charge Associated Press – 14 September 2013 18:59-04:00

    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — A Haitian newspaper says that a businessman who was arrested on a drug charge has been released.

    The daily Le Nouvelliste reports that a judge freed Evinx Daniel from jail in southern Haiti. The newspaper says Daniel was let go after being held overnight because the government commissioner who ordered the arrest acted “hasty,” according to a senior government official.

    Daniel owns Dan’s Creek, an oceanfront hotel in the southwestern town of Port Salut.

    He was taken into custody Thursday after eight foreigners were arrested in the country’s south and charged with drug trafficking.

    Because of its location and its largely unpatrolled coastline, Haiti has long been a transit point for cocaine from South America and marijuana from Jamaica for transshipment to North America, Europe and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

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