The entire international Community congratulated the authorities and the Haitians for the success of the presidential and legislative elections of second round, held this Sunday, March 20, 2011.

Europe: Congratulations and encouragement
Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the Commission, declared :

« The Haitian people expressed themselves, in the calm and with dignity, at the time of the second round of the presidential and legislative elections. I salute their will to thus determine the future of their nation, and I congratulate the Haitian authorities, national and international observers and the partners of Haiti for their contribution to the proper conduct of the poll, while regretting the few acts of violence which marred the elections.

I encourage the national authorities and all political actors of Haiti to contribute constructively to the completion of the electoral process, in order to ensure that the final election results are established quickly, transparently and in accordance with the Constitution and the democratic will of the Haitian people.

These elections are a key element of the haitian democratic governance, essential to ensure the legitimacy and the effectiveness of its political system, to meet the expectations of the Haitian people and to make progress the reconstruction and the development of the country. The EU is a long-term partner of the Haitian people and will continue its long-term commitment to the sides of the country to make advance the reconstruction and help the government and people to build a better future. »

Ban Ki-Moon : Congratulated the Haitian people
Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General congratulates the people of Haiti and the Haitian authorities on the successful conduct of Sunday’s elections.

The United Nations was honored to support the Haitian people in exercising their right to choose their next Government, whose primary task would be to oversee the reconstruction of the country after the tremendous tragedies that have befallen it in the past year. The Secretary-General reaffirms the commitment of the United Nations to continue to assist Haiti in building a prosperous future.

France : Satisfactory elections
The second round of the elections in Haiti was conducted in a satisfactory manner. France commends the role of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), supported by the international community, which ensured that these elections were conducted in an atmosphere of calm. The mass mobilization of the voters which resulted in increased participation constitutes an achievement.

The process should now continue in accordance with the election law until the announcement by the CEP of the final results, scheduled to take place on April 16. The candidates, as well as all of the political forces present, pledged to observe the democratic process by refraining from any unilateral proclamations on the basis of partial results. This commitment must be honored by everyone.

The United States prefers to wait
“Initial assessments suggest that Sunday’s elections took into consideration some of the lessons learned from the November 28th elections and were largely peaceful and conducted without significant report of any wrongdoing” has declared Mark Toner, Mark Toner, a State Department spokesman. « And while there were limited problems with voting supplies at a number of polling stations, most of them appear to have been corrected in a timely fashion, and hours extended at those locations to accommodate all the voters »

Questioned to know if the election were free and fair, Toner answered “I think we’ll wait for the monitoring team’s full assessment […] it is too early to say whether the elections were free and fair, but they have shown encouraging signs”

Canada: Congratulates the authorities and Haitian citizens
The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Minister of Foreign Affairs, congratulates the people of Haiti on their participation in the country’s second round of presidential and legislative elections, held March 20, 2011

“We congratulate the people of Haiti, who exercised their fundamental democratic right to choose who will govern their country and represent them on the world stage. We also congratulate the Haitian authorities and people on the smooth conduct of these elections, despite some unfortunate incidents.

Canada will continue to assist the Government of Haiti in its efforts to build democratic and effective governing institutions. Governance, as well as reconstruction and security, will remain a key focus for Canada’s assistance in delivering tangible results in Haiti. As I have said before, the international community alone cannot rebuild Haiti.

As Canada has consistently stated time and again, political stability can only be achieved by Haitians themselves through the democratic election of an efficient, honest and responsible government to lead the people through the next critical stage of recovery and reconstruction.”

The Brazilian Government has followed closely the second round of the presidential and parliamentary elections in Haiti, which took place March 20, 2011. The elections demonstrates the commitment of the Haitian people for the democracy, and the efforts of the Provisional Electoral Council of Haiti to improve their procedures based on the experience of the first round.

While reaffirming its solidarity and commitment to develop the cooperation with Haiti, the Brazilian government expresses its hope that this electoral process is concluded with the legitimate transition of power, in accordance with the popular will expressed through the vote.

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