Even as enemies of the state threaten disaster October 17, President Moise moves forward with electification project… La construction de la Centrale Électrique Solaire et Thermique de Marchand…

October 13, 2018.

La constrcution de la Centrale Electrique Solaire at Thermique de Marchand.

Even as people, with personal agendas, attempt a collapse of the Moise government, Jovenel Moise moves forward in a number of areas as he works to complete his promise of electricity 24/7.

The concept  of alternative energy sources threatens the POTENTATES OF POWER – Sogener, E-Power and Haytrac with their net profits of $23,000,000 per month.

One key areas, that offers a powerful source of energy, revolves around fields of solar panels and thermo energy from hot springs.  The photos show one of Moise’s projects.

It is really time for President Jovenel Moise to mobilise the power of his 12,000,000 Haitians against the few who are trying to destabilise the Nation and collapse his government.

He need only light the fuse, and show he really wants to lead, to create a TSUNAMI of popular support.

It is there.    


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