Escalating Violence Forces Thousands to Flee Their Homes in Port-au-Prince

The security situation in Port-au-Prince continues to deteriorate, leading to a growing number of internally displaced persons due to violent attacks perpetrated by armed gangs. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), recent clashes from January 27 to 30 in the neighborhoods of Warf la Saline, Drouillard, Cité Soleil, and Pernier have compelled 3,314 individuals to hastily abandon their homes.

These mentioned areas have been the scene of sporadic violence, with increasingly frequent and brutal armed attacks. Local residents find themselves trapped in the prevailing violence, prompting an alarming number of people to leave their homes in search of safer refuge.

Internally displaced individuals are now facing precarious conditions, urgently requiring food, clean water, medical care, and adequate shelter. Local and international humanitarian organizations are mobilizing to address this growing humanitarian crisis. However, resources are stretched thin, and access to affected areas remains challenging due to security risks.


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