Sep 26, 2018

The replacement of Prime Minister Guy Lafontant, with Jean Henry Ceant gave some a certain hope for National Survival. Unfortunately, it will take more than this.

The Nation is at a junction in the road, beyond which lies Salvation or Total Destruction. I am not sure the 3 major players are really aware of what is happening, or what could happen, if we continue along our present path – often controlled by agendas that do not mirror those best suited to Haiti’s continued existence as a “Non-Failed Nation.”

Frequent actions, by players one would expect to have a responsible conscience, turn out to be self-centered criminals. One such criminal is the ex-Bank Governor Castel who devalued the Haitian currency without   (we are told) consulting those in government. This stroke of a pen cost our economy an instant $500,000,000 and will see an ongoing imbalance in out Haitian/Dominican accounts forever. I cannot remember the exact % but let us assume 20%. This effectively lowers the price of Haitian exports to the Dominican Republic by 20% and increases the cost of Dominican items, to the Haitian consumer, by 20%.

There are rumors to the effect that Castel benefited by more than $100,000,000 for this one action. Some suggest more. Others claim to have witnessed his activities centered upon buying up real estate. His personal fortune is estimated – by some – at more than $1,000,000,000 almost enough to pay Haiti’s budget for a year.

Hook him to a polygraph!!

Did other benefit from this rape of our economy? There is absolutely no reason to assume Castel carried out this unauthorized crime by himself.

There is no reason to believe the rape of PetroCaribe was a two man show with Preval/Bellerive carrying out the entire $198,000,000 theft attributed to them. The Governor of the Bank must have been complicit, as were members of his staff.

There is no reason to believe that Jude Celestin and Preval were the only ones involved with the $100,000,000 crime in which used equipment was purchased for CNE with billings for new stuff. CNE chief Moreno paid with his life for his refusal to participate and we saw his killer Amaral Duclona mysteriously released from a French prison, supposedly for Aristide’s promise to do or not do something. A promise he ignored – what’s new?

What we really need is a commitment to move forward. Forget the past but be absolutely unforgiving for the future. Too many are involved, with past crimes and the courts are too easly purchased.

We really need a true partnership between Jovenel Moise, Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe to see that our present Moise/Ceant government moves forward successfully.

At the moment I see too many mountains, behind mountains as the key players – Moise/Martelly/Lamothe march to different drummers. The result is an “off key” melody that is frightening the International Community.

The Jovenel Moise/Jean Henry Ceant team must by supported in its goal to bring a better life to our 12,000,000 people.

Carnival-like performances, in the Champs de Mars, with multiple bands defaming Jovenel are not the answer. These may well destroy the people who are promoting them, as the International Community reviews its options.

“Let he who hath no sin cast the first stone.” Haiti is a Nation of guilt, guilt by varying degrees, but nevertheless guilt.

Let all of decide to work for Haiti, abandoning personal agendas until the Jovenel Moise government’s term is over.

Only then will Democracy have a chance.

The other route sees various individuals, with a variety of agendas, using the Mob to generate unrest. At some point, the Mob will generate a mind of its own and devour those who are manipulating it now.


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