Diamonds Are A Candidate’s Best Friend Wyclef was once sued over $320,000 jewelry tab

AUGUST 6–Along with his IRS debts, Wyclef Jean has had difficulty paying for his gaudy purchases at a New York City jeweler known for catering to musicians, according to a lawsuit previously brought against the Haitian presidential candidate.

In July 2008, Jacob & Company, the Manhattan firm known for diamond-encrusted creations favored by hip-hop figures, sued Jean over unpaid bills totaling nearly $320,000. According to the firm’s complaint, Jean ignored “repeated demands for payment” for the merchandise, which he bought between 2002-2006.

New York State Supreme Court records do not indicate that the case against Jean has been settled or dismissed, and a lawyer for Jacob & Company has not returned a call for comment. Over four years, Jean bought $765,100 worth of jewelry, paying for a little more than half of that haul.

As seen here, Jacob & Company invoices detail Jean’s jewelry purchases, which included:

* “Choppard watch” ($225,000)

* “Ladies Choppard Watch With Diamonds” ($45,000)

* “Yachtmaster Rolex 18KT” ($25,000)

* “Diamond Chain 57.00CT Round Brilliants” ($90,000)

* “CZ Stones For Wyclef Automobile” ($5,000)

* “Jesus Head Diamond” ($12,000)

* “Five Gold Crosses With Chains” ($30,000)

While Jean was charged for each of the more than 30 items he purchased, the musician did appear to get one freebie, described by Jacob & Company as, “One rose gold rosary chain for the jesus head.”

It is unclear how Jean’s conspicuous consumption will play in Haiti, the most impoverished county in the Western Hemisphere. He claims to have been “drafted” to run for office by the country’s youth.


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  1. With that much money he could have bought more than 30 40 foot containers of rice that would have fed a lot of starving children.

    I thought Wyclef was better but he is just another self-centered entertainment personality.

    Sad, but true.

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