February 28, 2023
Whenever things deteriorate in Haiti, there is a tendency to change leadership, without analyzing the overall problem.
So it is with the PNH.
Our gang problem is increasing. We are losing PNH officers to the violence. Some suggest that 70% of downtown Port-au-Prince is gang controlled.
Serious observers have seen DG Frantz Elbe make efforts to counteract this threat to our society. Unfortunately, the PNH command structure has weaknesses that prevent effective transmission of his desires to the lower echelon. 

Certain senior elements, coupled with political and business sectors, wish to see his removal, without any concern for the well-being of Haitian society.
DG Elbe’s serious effort to combat Haiti’s challenges go against their ongoing activities.
The INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY must support DGPNH Elbe’s efforts. The INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY must see his force receive equipment in a rapid and efficient manner.
Certain elements, within the PNH, are slowing delivery of much needed ammunition and equipment to the PNH, using technicalities that, while legal, fly in the face of common-sense.
If a contract lists a Pink Elephant, and only Grey Elephants are available for immediate delivery, each with the same characteristics and abilities,  except for color, one should accept the Grey Elephant, instead of waiting several months for GREY..
Such differentiations, within the PNH network, see PNH officers dying on a regular basis.
The PNH needs help, and DGPNH Frantz Elbe is seen, by qualified observers, as the man to attain success.
Let’s not try to change horse in mid-stream.
Someone will drown and we have already lost enough lives.

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