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Haiti - Elections : Deployment of the European Observation Mission

22 long-term observers of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union (EU EOM) in Haiti, for the third time, were deployed this week to observe the second round of presidential elections.

Upon arrival in Haiti, observers joined the EU EOM management team and received during 2 days, an update on the electoral process in Haiti and have been deployed in the 10 departments.

Upon arrival on the ground, the observers began their assessment work of the electoral process at the local level. They will meet during their mission, the representatives of the CEP, territorial administration, candidates, political parties and civil society.

This group is the first group of 60 observers from the European Union who will observe the elections in Haiti. A few days before the election, scheduled for 27 December, 22 short-term observers will in turn be deployed throughout the territory.

Recall that the EU EOM arrived in Haiti 12 July 2015, at the invitation of the Haitian government. It is headed by the Chief Observer and MEP, Elena Valenciano. Its mandate is to observe and analyze the entire electoral process in order to provide an impartial assessment, neutral and objective in the light of national and international commitments and standards for democratic elections.

Two days after the elections, the EU EOM will presents its preliminary conclusions. A detailed final report will be published a few weeks after the election with recommendations to improve future electoral processes.

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