Nov 14, 2017


We really must reconsider our form of government.

It was the International Community that forced their perverse concept – Democracy  – upon a nation in which most could not even spell the word Democracy  let alone understand its complex requirements for success or, in Haiti’s case – failure..

Perversely, had the entire population been allowed to vote on the situation, the vast majority would have voted to keep  Jean Claude Duvalier.

But a popular vote, for a candidate of their choice, would violate the Democratic Principle promoted by our foreign friends.

Instead, 67% of 300,000 ballots cast, “elected Aristide,” although the election was effectively frozen  when the French ambassador, with his illegal FM radio station, declared Aristide the winner at 11 AM election day!

Fewer than 1% of the votes were actually counted, according to an Aristide-sponsored survey – which he immediately suppressed..

In 1992 there were still sealed ballot boxes in St. Marc and La Gonave!!

This was the International Community’s concept of Democracy, one that survived through the Aristide/Preval dictatorships when subsequent elections were stolen via the old threat of violence, if Aristide/Preval were not selected.


Save campaign funding. Put 1,000 Haitians in the Hotel Montana swimming pool and elect Preval!!

The 2000 crime saw fewer than 20,000 vote nationwide in the election Aristide stole killing Dominique along the way.

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The Constitution: It was our own collection of “Constitutional Experts” that set out to design a race horse and ended up with a camel.  They should have kept the Duvalier Constitution, minus Presidency for Life.

Instead, we have lived with the 1987 Constitution, now amended with Preval’s fraudulent  amendments.

Yes, fraudulent!

The Senate and Chamber of Deputies debated, and then accepted amendments to the Constitution. They weren’t that good, but they voted on them.

Then, between the Parliament, and the Moniteur, Preval changed the amendments to those drafted by him and no one reacted to this.

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Parliament lay their like a dead mackerel, and smelled the same!

They did nothing, effectively leaving Haiti without a valid Constitution. The situation remains. But we just press on as though nothing happened.


Each time we are headed for a train wreck, our elected representatives do nothing to avoid predictable Disaster, realizing that Disaster  is just another opportunity  to  cash in, extract bribes in order to do what they were elected to do.

Some Disasters are better than others, justifying greater demands for pay-offs. Natural disasters present containers full of good stuff, to be stolen by Senators or Deputies for sale on the shadow market.


When we were in the middle of the Privert train wreck there was a move to place Justice Roc into the (Article149 – 1987 Constitution) Provisional Presidency. Since there was no one to pay the $3,500,000 bribe demanded, this solution never happened and Privert (who was willing to pay) remained, illegally, in place.

Privert drained the treasury, paid Senators and Deputies while burying time-bombs to blow up sometime in the future.


He placed an Aristide ally as head of Douane, another as Governor of the BRH and a scattering of Lavalas activists elsewhere. Privert scammed a cool $8,000,000 for a vote favorable to Taiwan at the UN.


But his crowning move was creation of a commission to investigate – selectively investigate – the uses of PETROCARIBE funds.

This commission was dominated by Aristide/Lavalas people, dedicated to President Jovenel Moise’s destruction.



We are now trying to escape this quicksand, and save our democratically elected (twice) government of Jovenel Moise!


The Senate, and Chamber of Deputies – permeated by simple criminals, murderers, kidnappers, and drug dealers, have no concept of their responsibilities to the Nation. Each has his own personal agenda,  which focuses upon getting as many American $100 bills as possible in the shortest time.


The only time these agendas coincide is when the guys are combined in a joint bribery project. Otherwise, they are satisfied to steal on an individual basis from PSUGO, ONA, children’s school kits and hurricane relief funding. They can send a few kilos  of cocaine into the American system,  knowing our friends, to the north, are not really dedicated to stopping the flow.

Removing TPS from 58,000 Haitians is more the focus.

What we really require is a  blind coordinator who will oversee the flip of a coin. Each National problem will be written on a piece of paper with a Yes or No possibility.

YES or NO!


A small child will flip the coin (less easily corrupted) and the results will see the YES  or NO applied to whatever the question might be.

The results will be an economic miracle,  and will – statistically – result in a better outcome than the greed-motivated bribery system that sees varied individuals, and groupings bidding against each other.

We won’t waste to $100,000,000 – or so – presently absorbed by the Senate/Chamber.


Haiti  can become a world leader in creating an efficient, actually more Democratic form of government, provided we avoid bribing the small child with lollipops and bubble gum. But, even that is more economically  efficient than supporting the gang of thieves who campaign each electoral cycle demanding  $100 American bills.

$100 buys a lot of lollipops.

We would not be faced by today’s imminent, and ongoing danger in which the Senate funds street chaos in an effort to topple President Moise!

In any other nation, it would be a criminal act to pay individuals to act violently towards the elected government. Try this in the States and you will be a guest in their Federal prison system.

Why do we stand for this?

It has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech!


SIMPLE FACT OF LIFE: There are no demonstrations in Haiti without paid demonstrators!! And sometimes paying a lot does no guarantee a demonstration as was the case on November 14th when Michel Andre and Moise Jean Charles distributed a fortune to see a massive 224 people march in Petion-Ville.


Arrest those who pay to destroy our society! Lock them up under their own Preventative Detention – without cell phones, and the problem is solved. With our present, screwed up legal system, this will be a Life Sentence!

If a lady is locked up for 3.5 years – without appear ring before a magistrate – for the alleged theft of a $20 cell phone – why not  someone like Andre Michel and Moise Jean Charles…. perhaps Aristide!

OK… so the International Community wouldn’t like to corrupt a young child so we must face the only realistic concept for the salvation of our Nation.

Time for our President, Jovenel Moise, to move towards the collapse of our Constitution and the  creation of a new one without a key, useless yet corrupting factor


Like the Appendix, in the human body, the Senate is a totally useless element in the Body Politic.

Its removal will prevent future, fatal infection.

29 people will no longer dictate to 12,000,000 opening a new era.




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