1 thought on “Debate results

  1. I watched the debate and I agree with the poll 100%. The most incompetent person on that stage was Narcisse. It was a spirited debate for sure. I think all were sincere with their desire to help Haiti, except for Narcisse. She appears as just another Lavalas shill with no real vision and she didn’t do much homework. That goes to show you bel franse pa di anyen. No substance at all. Even on the subject of women’s health, she was not impressive.

    Jovenel Moise-clearly not a career politician, but a competent young man with vision and results to prove it. He takes his people, land, sand and argriculture seriously and we should take him seriously. Use what we have to grow from within and multiply that success across all sectors.

    I am partial to Moise because he is just so darn common (and I mean that as an endearment not a smear). You don’t have to be poor to care for the plight of the poor, but if you are from humble roots, it makes you that much more credible on the issue. You are also more likely to remember the peasants with your rise to power. I don’t care that he is not a career politician. Those tend to make the best Presidents. GO NEG BANAN GO!

    My only problem with Tet Kale and it is huge—CORRUPTION. You need to give a satisfactory answer on how you will combat corruption Moise!!

    There is something to like about each candidate on that stage (except Narcisse). Either they are better actors than she is or they are truly passionate about the state of Haiti and their desire to attempt to fix it. Either way, I hope Moise takes the banner and continue the good work started under Martelly/Lamothe and improve upon the areas that are lacking i.e. corruption!!

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