Sep 2, 2019
Foreign financiers of current unrest realize efforts to organize big street demonstrations will fail, in spite of millions invested in turmoil. Maduro/Venezuela and PRC now suggest a more subtle and widespread concept that will eventually wear President Moise and his American allies down. The problems can be blamed on President Moise when underlying problems created by Maduro/Venezuela, PRC. Small actions, such as cutting traffic routes, and blocking fuel supplies, resulting in power cuts and hardship, will make governing impossible.

Petionville a good example that mirrors other centers. It is effectively paralyzed. Business activity frozen. Tensions rising.

Jovenel Moise needs help. Haiti needs help. Otherwise the foreign-funded opposition elements will win in their effort to embarrass Donald Trump by collapsing our, your, the Nation’s Democratically elected government of Jovenel Moise.


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