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In the framework of the Mondays of the Press, Kineton Louis, a member of the Commission for the Restructuring and Strengthening of the National Center of Equipments (CORRECNE), presented a report on the situation and the measures adopted to redress the CNE.

Kineton Louis explained that the Commission had produced a very critical report on the situation, inter alia: total dysfunction; disorganized administration; non-payment of staff and materials dispersed without any control which are used by individuals for work…

Faced with this situation, a set of measures to redress and strengthen the CNE were adopted: payment of employees; establishment of a research and control unit for equipment and a communication unit to disseminate information on the work of the CNE; inventory of all CNE materials across the country; drafting of a document for the CNE’s mode of operation and designing a reform plan.

Recovery and repair of a good number of materials are, among other things, actions already taken by the Commission. “The CNE was a cemetery on our arrival, we created a control and research unit to locate all the equipment CNE […]” said Kineton adding that 248 equipment had been repaired so far and that today the CNE was at work.

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  1. I had a friend who labored with CNE. He told of Vorbe storing materiels for CNE then selling them back to CNE whenever Vorbe got a contract with the governement. Low overhead and better bottom line perhap

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