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Last Friday, at the National Palace, held a Council of Ministers, Ady Jean Gardy, the Minister of Communication summarized the broad lines of interventions at the Council “[…] The President spoke of difficult times and talked about the courage of his Government. He stressed that the results of certain actions, implemented in 2012 will impact in 10 years, 20 years citing as an example the 1.2 million children who were at school this year, which will become the citizens of tomorrow. The President was optimistic, by recalling the outline of its policy to reduce extreme poverty, ignorance, combat the evils that plague the Haitian society, whose the insecurity and, fight also the wrong living conditions of Haitians.

The Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe insisted on a set of projects that are being carried out and which will be completed next year […] he said that 5 billion Gourdes were provided for this purpose […]

The Minister of Finance has explained, that Haiti planned to spend the $ 5 billion during the year 2013, to carry out projects that have been developed during the state of emergency to deal with the effects of the passage of Sandy.

She noted that 3 billion of Treasury bonds were underwritten by banks, repayable in March 2013 in order to recourse to a new subscription of 2 other billion to continue […] the Minister also indicated that the 2012-2013 budget of 131 billion gourdes was increased to 136 billion and in order to respect the exchange rate and inflation, certain expenses had been frozen in the budget to rebalance the treasury, we have reallocated budget lines […] in the coming months, we will still face a difficult situation, we will deal with the economic situation seriously and rigorously in transparency, a report will be of also presented to Parliament and the public.

[…] I think it is also important to mention that the price at the pump was subsidized again this year 2012 by the Government, we are talking of billion 239 million 240 thousand gourdes for the price at the pump is not increased. In addition, 200 million gourdes that had been provided for civil protection have also been spent.”

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With all due respect, what is this garbage about subsidising fuel at the pump?

There is a big mark up between the spot petroleum price paid, and the price at the pumps.

Someone is still making a lot of money on gas.

And the school situation will jump up and bite Martelly on the ass when the people realize their school system is a mirage. Where is the Security he promised??


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  1. I agree.
    It was never this dangerous with Aristide or Preval.

    And you can buy 300,000 gallons of gasoline in Venezuela for $0.79 per gallon. Somehow I don’t think the Haitian government is subsidizing anything.

    Chavez/Petrocaribe is giving them cheap fuel and we are charged as much as the gas would cost without Chavez.

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