COULD NOT HAVE BEEN WITHOUT MARTELLY’S KNOWLEDGE~Haiti assailed for ousting quake refugees

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, May 28 (UPI) — Haiti’s new president, who came to power pledging to house earthquake victims, is now under fire as they are evicted from refugee camps.

” This is the work of animals,” Guerin Pierre, a resident of the Delmas 3 camp outside Port-au-Prince, told The Miami Herald after a recent raid. “This is the worst kind of humiliation someone can experience. They chose to do this at the start of the hurricane season.”

The destruction of about 200 tents in Delmas 3 was the latest in a wave of evictions across the capital just weeks after President Michel Martelly took office. U.S. Congress members who support aid to Haiti have protested.

The International Organization for Migration reports that nearly a quarter of the estimated 668,000 people still living camps 16 months after the catastrophic earthquake are under threat of evictions, even though Martelly promised permanent housing during his campaign.

On Thursday, Martelly said Delmas Mayor Wilson Jeudy was responsible for the evictions. The mayor says the camps are hotbeds of crime and a threat to residents.


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4 thoughts on “COULD NOT HAVE BEEN WITHOUT MARTELLY’S KNOWLEDGE~Haiti assailed for ousting quake refugees

  1. Most of those so called refugees are not true,most of them are living in two houses,daytimes they are in their camps and nightimes in their owns houses somewhere,somes of them came from provinces voluntarely to use the system for free,some of them are paysans ou marchands ou commerce people who do back and fourth trips to theirs hometowns provinces,but looking for a place to stay free in the capital specialy ,when there is bad wheater.If there is a good investigation in that metter,there is a possibility of 65/100 of those so called refugees are fake

  2. Last time I was in Haiti it looked like at least 20% of the tent cities in public squares were being used for business. Something seriously wrong here. Also, if I know my Haitians they will not officially leave until they get paid regardless if they have a home somewhere else or not.

  3. All the same, some have nowehere to go.

    I saw a lady with 5 children given $400 Haitian at St. Peierre at 9 PM and told to go somewhere else. She was not a merchant. She was not a cheater. She was just an unfortunate women who had her husband killed on January 12, 2010 and God knows where she and the children are now.

    It is easy to be God when considering things from shelter, with food.

    Yes, some people commute to get advantages, but the majority lost what they had in 2010, and have now lost what they had gained by 2011.

    This is the way of Haiti.

    If you have little or nothing your life means nothing to Aristide, Preval, Martelly, the UN, USA Canada….

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