Contribution to the egg industry in the economy


Haiti - Agriculture : Contribution to the egg industry in the economy

In Haiti from 2010 to 2015, intensive egg production has increased fivefold, from 50,000 to 250,000 layers or approximately 1 million to over 6 million eggs per month. Haitian Production offers a very advantageous quality products, producers arriving to compete imported eggs that are in most cases the result of dumping and smuggling.

A study (2015) commissioned by the Haitian Government, shows that the country under the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture, can continue this expansion of production for the benefit of the population on condition of solving certain constraints.

  • The first constraint is related to compliance with trade standards at the Haitian-Dominican border. As long as the imported eggs are not declared to customs, there will be problems for investments in Haiti ;
  • The second constraint concerns the economic aspects of certain links in the chain, particularly breeding production to supply the market with fertile eggs needed in the production of chicks,
    molded production for laying hens from grain corn and meal produced locally and a more efficient marketing system ;
  • The third constraint refers to credit needs to make the necessary investments in the various links in the chain.

In addition, to raise all these constraints it is necessary that agro-entrepreneurs of the sector benefiting from technical and financial advice. These constraints will be better resolved if all partners in the sector manage to coordinate their actions.

It is possible to envisage a substantial increase in egg production to reach 80% of self-supply of the domestic market.


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  1. HAITI BROILERS – a subsidiary of JAMAICA BROILERS is the reason for the increase in egg production.

    They have taken over the old Brandt facility and have also expanded their own base. Presently manufacture chicken feed, new chicks, eggs and dressed chicken for supermarkets.

    The most successful foreign start-up with no subsidies!!

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