There  were demonstrations against Aristide.

Aristide sent his gangs against the citizens of St Marc and La Scierie.  The murdered dozens of people. One elderly couple were set on fire by pro-Lavalas, Aristide supporters.

Aristide dispatched his personal helicopter to carry a team of machine-gunners. Flown by Frantz Gabriel, Aristide’s helicopter chased women and children, shooting them down like dogs.  The log books of the helicopter needed Aristide’s personal authorization for each flight. His signature is there, for all to see.

Aristide’s Prime Minister Neptune visited the scene, after the massacre and comment upon that fact that the “Area was quiet now….I hope it remains so…”

La Scierie was a real massacre, unlike the Raboteau massacre in Gonaives, an even that never happened, an event created by Aristide to embarrass the senior staff of the Forces Armees d’Haiti.

Perhaps Aristide and Preval will finally face justice for the La Scierie Massacre, and their many other crimes, including the murders of Mireille Durocher Bertin, Pastor Leroy, Sylvio Claude, Roger Lafontant,  Father Jean-Marie Vincent, General Max Mayard, General Claude Raymond,  The French Consul, Robert Marcello,  5 teenagers on Delmas, July 26, 1991…..the list goes on, and on.


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  1. My friend’s aunt and uncle were killed with machetes. They were non-political and worked hard to put their children in school. One of their childrens was also murdered by the helicopeter guns.It is time for God and Justice to judge these killers.Impunity must end.

  2. The recent elections saw Neptune run for president in a move that he saw as one that “cleaned” him of his guilt…..since the CEP accepted his candidacy.

    Prime Minister Yvonne Neptune visited St Marc, after the massacre, and commented upon how quiet the city now was…..and “he hoped it would stay this way.”

    Neptune also sent truckloads of weapons into Cite Soleir after Aristide’s departure, giving these to children.

    There are many that should face Justice for these crimes.

    But Aristide and Preval’s conviction will be enough.

    Let the Truth be known to all of those media people, human rights promoters, and foreign politicians who supported these monsters.

  3. I everyone steps forward, Preval, Aristide and their associates will be in court forever, followed by life terms.


    Let things moving on!

    Keep mouth shut for now!

    Be organized!

    The accomplices are right there!

    Watch them!

    Do not let them move around!

    Start identify the clean police agents to set them up.

    The revolution is about to take place all over the country.
    Do not let you be intimidated by whosoever,wheresoever they coul from.We have lost parents, friends,citizens,and so on.The international community members know everything in details.They have a responsability to support the trails against those criminals.

    We have documentations to prove that from 1986 to 2011, the politicians in Haiti have distroyed the nation and its people.

    Aristide and Preval represent the key persons to bring to justice to solve the Haitian shame.

  5. One thing at a time? That is BS. I say get the bastards, and get them NOW. No waiting and no stalling. Their Jail cells are waiting, and the houses that they occupy can be used for better purposes, like housing a Haitian family that deserves a nice home.

    Any sort of revolution here is going to see many people killed, and many of them will die from machete wounds, as well as gunshots. Calling for revolution from the comforts of the USA is not going to do a single thing beneficial for ANY of us in Haiti, unless this revolution is more of a – lets get rid of cocaine smuggling shitbags- kind of thing, then it is a joke to even talk of such things otherwise.

    Cocaine rules the world here, and you fools snorting it up by the mega ton in America are part of the problem too, so if you are reading this as well, just give it some thought while you slowly ruin yourself. You are ruining NATIONS as well. Fuck your vanity.

  6. I feel that I should add, for the ones that may be new to the topic, and also to remind those Haitians that have their head in the sand on this topic, the names Aristide and Preval are synonymous with COCAINE. Tons and tons of it.

  7. Hey Elizar D.
    I am really sorry that you do not even umderstand what a revolution is.

    Revolution doesn’t mean attacking people physucally. to hurt and kill each other.Revolution is better than that.Revolution is very necessary in Haiti to get things change.Itf you know about Haiti and people who govern it, you will find that since the “Trail of Consolidation” only gangsters and criminals are qualified to lead Haiti at the government levels and public offices.

    Once you are from a good family, you are out of power and business in Haiti.Revolution must take place in Haiti to have thing change for real.The reaL Haitians have been kept out of the governments. Gangsters replace gangsters, criminals replace criminals.Look and see who are in the line right now? We respect the will of the people, but at the same time, look around the President and tell us what you see?

    The same guys who were with Aristide, Preval, Alexis, Madanm Pierre-Louis,Yvon Neptune,Jocelerme Privert, Lambert and so on.

    So, the nation must stand up and say what is real, what is good to the new government.We can not accept that all rejescted criminals and accomplices come back to power to rule and lead the country any more and under any circumstances.

    America must be considered and taken as the real model to follow in oeder to have things really change inn Haiti.An d I will do whatsoever I can to have things chanje in Haiti.I am not palying, I mean business.

    USA are invested with power and resposability to have things moving for real all over the world.Its institutions and its Constituion are the key to atart moving things everywhere.

    Haiti is in fact part of America, it can not be left behind.

    Those guys are fake and they do not want and wish that USA teach the good rules od governance. They don’t wish to pay taxes,to share the profits through the same way things are doing in USA.Without the NGO’s support and assistance, how the people in Haiti could be survived?

    Go and look all over the country and tell us what you see?

    Organizations specially from USA are doing what ever they can to save the people of Haiti.As the UN lady said, the housing problem that you are facing in Haiti is not in fact the direct result of the earthquake.Of course, it is part of it, but, the earthquake came to show to the world that a revolution is really necessary in Haiti.

    Before the earthquake, half people im the cities, specially in Port-au-prince and in the cities around it,sleep by appoinment.
    Pa relev.Now, because of the earthquake desaster, everyone want to take advange of it by caliming a place to stay, even, people who their places were not affected directly by the earthquake.

    So, the time for the revolution is now.

    Justice that I am talking about is noy only to arrest former and current leaders, it is more than that.It a way to pay respect to the people of Haiti.

    God will show us the way to do so.
    Be patient!
    We will see teh Revolution for change in Haiti soon.

    1. Thank you for clarifying Your definition of revolution. I have seen more of the violent ones myself.

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