Chelsea Clinton Wedding Price Tag $2 Million -Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Chelsea Clinton waits for her  mother Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-NY, to testify before the Senate  Foreign Relations Committee regarding her nomination by President-elect  Barack Obama to be Secretary of State on Capitol Hill in Washington on  January 13, 2009. (UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg) Photo via Newscom  Photo via Newscom

The hottest ticket in the world right now is an invitation to the July 31st wedding of Chelsea Clinton. Reports are now that the Clinton wedding price tag is well over $2 Million dollars! Compared to Jenna Bush’s wedding costing only $100,000. One has to ask if the money would be better spent helping the hungry in Haiti?

Of course, the real question is, who is paying for it? According to ABC News, Chelsea will be spending $20,000 just on make up and her hair. Catering is estimated to be another $750,000, some $1,500 per guest. Flowers alone will run $250,000! Invitations, $40,000 to $50,000. Lighting is a mere $75,000 to $100,000. Her wedding dress costs $15,000. Photographers and video another $60,000. The band will be $40,000. Renting the Astor mansion in Rhinebeck, NY is said to be somewhere between $125,000 to $200,000.

Given the fact who the Clintons are and that Chelsea is their only child, her wedding to Marc Mevinsky is a special occasion. Plus, security will be expensive, as the A-List guests will include the Obamas, Oprah and other celebrities. The groom’s father, former Congressman Edward Mezvinsky will also attend, since he was released from prison in 2008 after committing some $10 Million dollars in bank, mail and wire fraud.

Now Chelsea does have a good job, working for hedge fund Avenue Capital group, run by Democrat money bag Marc Larsy. Bill Clinton also is rolling in dough these days earning millions with speaking engagements, especially in Dubai. Hillary only earns about $186,000 per year as Secretary of State. But keep in mind that the presidential campaign for Hillary is still deep in unpaid debt.

So who is paying for the Chelsea Clinton wedding price tag? Where is the $2 Million dollars coming from? Is it really necessary? Considering how Bill Clinton is calling for donations to help the earthquake victims in Haiti, would it not have been more humane to have a simple wedding? Not to mention the suffering here in America has millions struggle to pay the bills and feed their families. When the Elite need to party, they do not care about us “small people”.


A true case of conspicuous consuption, obscene when one sees the desperate state of affairs for many Americans, and others, who have lost everything.

It is also obscene when one realizes just how many Haitians have lost everything and now face disease and starvation. Her father, Bill Clinton, is grandstanding for a Nobel Prize but has just held the first meeting of the reconstruction team he head….the first in 5 months!!! Everyone is playing games with the Haitians’ misery, but no one really cares.

$2,000,000 would buy a lot of rice and beans for Haiti’s starving children, but why would the Clinton’s care.

Under the Clinton Embargo of Haiti we were losing something like 5,000 kids under five, to disease and starvation, as a direct result of his blockade. What are a few more??

The $1500 in food costs, for each Clinton guest, would buy 30 110 pound bags of rice.


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  1. And each pound of rice will give several children a meal. Let us say that a 110 pound bag of rice will feed 500 children…. 30 bags would help 15,000 to a meal.

    Not much social conscience in this day’s world.

  2. Haitians are always reminding the world how proud and independent Haiti is. NOW, is there any reasons that Chelsea’s wedding expenditures is related to Haitian’s misery? We can’t have it both ways.
    Haiti has do decides whether or not it wants to be colonized or not.
    Grow up folks.
    The world will not take Haiti seriously, if Haiti can’t decides consistently what road to take and stay on it for good.

    1. Bill Clinton is the US Ambassador to Haiti, and Hillary is the Secretary of State. The opulence has a LOT to do with the commentary pertaining to the fact that the cost for one meal could feed hundreds, especially since Bill Clinton has totally dropped the ball in Haiti– AGAIN. He also screwed Haiti really badly during his time as President of the USA.

  3. chelsea is as homely as a mud fence and should get married by a judge or ship captain. Give some money to the poor you opulant bastards.

  4. It is a fact Chelsea is the only child. She deserves the best. But what is BEST ? All the invited guests do not know what it is to be hungry but they are capable of understanding. Have a simple HUNGRY MAN’S MEAL and throw a party for the hungry in honour of Chelsea. Chelsea will find inexplicable happiness and the Guests will have the BEST TIME OF THEIR LIVES.

    I am convinced the Great Clintons will be the first to lead by example who are actively involved in raising funds to help the poor.

  5. Dont forget that days after the earthquake killed and injured so many of our brothers and sisters, Hillary Clinton had an aid aircraft from France re-routed to the Dominican Republic because she needed a new Jumpsuit to wear because the Yellow one she brought made her blend in with the rubble behind her.

    That French Aid plane was bringing in MEDICINE AND SURGICAL EQUIPMENT, and was also very low on fuel.

    The Clinton family claims to be sympathetic, but they are actually just pathetic.

    It should be required that a world leader live up to their pledges, but these people are so full of themselves and their own interests that they are ignoring the true nature of their responsibility to the people that are starving to death in Haiti while Preval keeps everything tied up in Customs in Haiti’s ports.

    Please read more here, and educate yourselves a bit more. It is really stunning that our neighbor in America is allowing the people they claim to be friends of die by the hundreds due to their neglect of promises made.

    Now this? Yes, she deserves the best, but Haiti deserves the help that was pledged 7 months ago, that has yet to materialize.

    If I were a bird, I would fly over them and give them something warm to consider with their meal.

    Doctors with pride and family are living in tarp-made tents for the past 1/2 of this year. People with educations and full lives are stripped of everything. People with nothing are left with even less-

    50,000 people had at least one limb amputated in 1 month.

    How dare you forget this so soon. Shame on you-

  6. To Majorie Middy-

    Your postings are all over the internet- all I had to do was……….


  7. Remember the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund that we were all supposed to contribute to, and which received $66 million in donations from a telethon? Check out their website at .

    I don’t know what others consider “transparency” but my definition would require a financial statement showing the amount(s) of money donated, and how the money has been spent (with line items and corresponding $ for each benefiting project), INCLUDING OVERHEAD. This would include any compensation paid.

    If that website’s degree of transparency is what we can expect from the Clinton/Bellerive UN Commission, then the odds that there will be any accountability to anyone for that money are slim to none.

  8. So far, merighen has it totally correct. Not a bit of accountability, and Ban Ki Moon is actively helping cover up other crimes in Haiti, so there really is NO oversight.

  9. The entire Clinton family has received a free ride on the backs of Haitians.

    Clinton invaded the country to replace Aristide and now we have discovered the truth about Clinton’s benefactor, ARISTIDE. The guy is a murderer, cocaine trafficker, thief of major proportions and has always been anti-American.

    Now Clinton is heading a team to reconstruct Haiti and took 5 months to hold his first meeting.

    It is truly obscene.

    Chelsea’s wedding is just another example of the Clinton family’s effort to create a royal dynasty.

  10. Clinton Bush Haiti Fund only received $5M from the Hope for Haiti Now telethon last January.Clinton Bush Haiti Fund has raised a total of $50M to date. $5M of that was given to immediate relief efforts the remainder will be used to create jobs in Haiti. Creating jobs and stabilizing an economy takes time and careful planning and strategy. Overhead for Clinton Bush Haiti Fund will be limited to 10% of total money raised. The staff of the fund is very small and many working there are unpaid volunteers. Clinton Bush Haiti Fund is a separate organization from the Clinton Foundation and has no connection to any Clinton or Bush family finances. Clinton Bush Haiti Fund is also not connected to the UN. It is a non-profit organization that is working very hard to support and strengthen the Haitian economy, and create jobs and eventually leave Haiti with a healthy, self-sustaining economy.

  11. Monty,

    I appreciate your response re: the operations of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. I also appreciate the work of the volunteers you cite, and the donors who have generously responded.

    For any non-profit, for me transparency still requires more information regarding finances than I see on your site. But that’s just my opinion.

    Perhaps you can explain to me from the perspective of CBHF why money is being reserved for future projects when six months after the earthquake Haitians are still suffering emergency needs. I ask for this explanation not to criticize CBHF, but because I would like to better understand why all kinds of NGOs from the Red Cross on down are reserving money. All those groups must have some sound reasoning for doing so, but it is difficult to understand as an outsider why such groups are doing so when so many are suffering daily.


  12. Well, you can tell by comments as to what the America public thinks, yet what the hell good does that do when nobody pays a bit of attention to none of it. Where is all this going?? If the news media would tell the truth once in a while and get the attention of the right people who really care, things might change for the better. Every one lines their pockets one way or another when they campaign for funds to help the unfortunate. Unfortunately, the needy never gets anything….wonderful — isn’t it? So many lier’s So many crooks, So much greed. Evil all over the place…God what a world we live in..!!! So caring, patriotic, just filled with love, that is love for money!!

  13. I stand by what I said.
    Black men, especially Haitian men, need to LEARN to treat black women with due respect.
    I am very much aware of what is going on in my birth-country, Haiti, and it saddened me.
    We have done all the crying, screaming, yelling and kicking there is to do to wake-up the world to Haiti’s plight. SO far none of it worked, right?
    One cannot beat sympathy out of people. (words of wisdom).
    “Charity begins at home”. Unemployment is at an all time high all over America. Americans are angry about their own economy. Americans home foreclosures and their own people are facing evictions and street life.
    Have you ever thought about that?
    Next time YOU go to the grocery store in America take a closer look of what they are buying….
    Haiti is not the only country with PROBLEMS.
    Chilly TOO just had a quake a month after Haiti.
    One thing they are NOT DOING is blaming everybody BUT THEMSELVES for their problems.
    HAITIANS should get together to solve Haiti’s problems NOT FOREIGNERS.
    Begging other countries for money is just asking to exacerbate Haiti’s miseries.
    Once we Understand this concept, we might be on the road for recovery.
    In the mean while, try to grow up and mature a bit.
    P.S. Have you ever wondered why leaders gave elaborate parties or special events like a wedding at time of economic downfall?
    I will let you think about that one.
    Good by.

  14. Dear Merighen,

    It is true that massive need continues and so many suffer in Haiti. These needs are being addressed by many humanitarian relief organizations (Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, PIH, etc.) I cannot speak for how or why they are being managed in one way or another.

    That said, it is essential to the long-term health of Haiti that its economy is stable, its people have jobs and its businesses grow. That is why CBHF focuses on enriching human capital—job training, small business support, micro-loans, etc. Both short-term and long-term needs must be handled at the same time. In order for Haiti to thrive, it needs work done on multiple fronts: infrastructure, humanitarian aid, and economic development. It is horrible that people are still suffering, but we need to address long-term needs too or Haiti will never get better and stay better.

    As for how long it takes to get money out the door, money spent on economic development must be distributed carefully in order for those funds not to be wasted. Investments must be made in businesses that have the foundation necessary to run well into the future and create more money and prosperity for Haitians. Grants must be distributed to a variety of business sectors and geographic areas so that the maximum number of people and businesses are supported. Ideally, grants will be matched by other private investors so that every dollar spent is multiplied. Patience is needed to ensure money is not wasted.

    Thank you.

  15. Bush and Clinton were not good guys, but, they cared a bit about the country. They are not like the guy sitting in the Oval Room who does not care diddly about people who are not muslim. He does not go forth and help people, real people that is. He has filled the White House with all kinds of people that some have had criminal backgrounds and have been ousted when outed. He cannot make a speech without a teleprompter, he does not hold news conferences so that the press can ask off the cuff questions that he does not know the answers.

  16. Spending that much on a wedding really baffles me – and where they got that kind of money even more so. I only hope they will be happy, because a split after a wedding of this grandeur will certainly not make Chelsea’s parents very happy!

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