Canada feared popular uprising in Haiti after 2010 earthquake-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL—Federal documents show the Canadian government feared Haiti was at risk of a popular uprising following last year’s devastating earthquake.

Documents marked “secret” and obtained by The Canadian Press say the earthquake in January 2010 created a political vacuum that was likely to be exploited.

They also mention rumours that former Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was plotting a return from exile in the immediate aftermath of the tremor.

The documents were prepared by officials at the Department of Foreign Affairs and released through access-to-information legislation.

They detail Ottawa’s extensive concerns about the legitimacy of the Haitian government and the scope of the reconstruction efforts.

Haitians are currently awaiting the preliminary results of a recent presidential election run-off.



I am not surprised that someone wonders about the Preval government’s legitimacy since Preval received 23% in the 2005 vote – which was raised to 51% by Brazilian and Chilean members of MINUSTAH in order to avoid the constitutional run-off.

In other words, the Preval government, now in place, has absolutely no legitimacy.

Immediately after the quake, both Preval and MINUSTAH disappeared for more than a week.

Preval was drunk at his girlfriend’s house. This would later be amended, in media stories, to the concept of him being in the yard, feeding his grand daughter.

Ahhh…the power of propaganda!!


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