BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS? Haiti seeks international help to prosecute Baby Doc-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

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Haiti’s government says it would need help from international jurists to prosecute former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier for alleged human rights crimes committed during his reign more than 25 years ago.

Former Haitian dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier (C) walks in the civil courthouse after being detained by police in Port-au-Prince January 18, 2011. Haitian police detained Duvalier on Tuesday after authorities said he would be questioned and could be prosecuted over money stolen from the national treasury during his 1971-1986 rule. Duvalier returned on Sunday to Haiti after 25 years in exile in France.

” It is not only a Haitian matter, because convicting Duvalier would send a psychological message to humanity, to all the dictators or to those who are tempted by power (that) the law will not pardon them, that punishments await them ”

Justice Minister Andre Antoine told the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on Monday that Haiti’s judges and prosecutors lack the training and experience necessary to handle a case of crimes against humanity.

“The magistrates are players in this game, it is like a football match: if they don’t have a good manager, it will be difficult to win,” Antoine said.

“We recognise that our justice system is weak and needs to be reinforced.”

Former justice minister Jean-Joseph Exume told the commission that 16 individual cases had been filed against Duvalier in the court system starting immediately after his January 16 return to the country from 25 years of exile.

Exume said “concrete measures” would be necessary to protect plaintiffs and witnesses.

Antoine also said prosecution of Duvalier for human rights violations was of international importance.

“It is not only a Haitian matter, because convicting Duvalier would send a psychological message to humanity, to all the dictators or to those who are tempted by power (that) the law will not pardon them, that punishments await them,” he said.

Duvalier ruled Haiti from 1971 until his overthrow by a popular uprising in 1986. His father, Francois, ruled as “president for life” from 1957 until his death.

The family reign has long been accused of widespread human rights violations including murders, torture and disappearances.



This is bizarre Jean-Joseph Exume was personally involved with the assassination of Mireille Durocher-Bertin, exactly 15 years ago, and walks free on the streets of Haiti. You can visit his law offices, and retain his services.


It is amazing how bold, and brazen these people can be in view of Haiti’s ongoing atmosphere of impunity.

What about the many human rights crimes committed by Aristide, Preval and their associates.

There is an old saying…”Let sleeping dogs lie…” but people continue to snipe at Duvalier who cannot be prosecuted for any real – or mostly imaginary crimes, committed under his presidency. They are all Statute Barred.

On the other hand, both Aristide’s presidencies, and those of Preval fall within the statute and can still be prosecuted.

On a purely criminal – with possible human rights results – Michel Martelly has demanded that Preval replace the $198,000,000 he stole from Petro Caraibe Funds, funds supposedly dedicated to the relief of Gonaives, and other areas, after the 2008 hurricane disaster. The cynic Preval, and his close associates, openly plundered the fund. Now they may face retribution.

Haiti’s Minister of Justice already knows that there is no legal case against Duvalier, yet he makes believe that the international community can assist in what is a violation of Haiti’s Constitution. You simply cannot make up the law as you go.

Duvalier is harassed while Aristide remains untouched.

Things may change when Martelly takes office.

Preval could be arrested.


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3 thoughts on “BUT WHAT ABOUT THE OTHERS? Haiti seeks international help to prosecute Baby Doc-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. Mislande Manigat or Michel Martelly as president will act promptly by arresting Preval, Aristide, Duvalier, Avril, Neptune, Privert, Lambert, Bastien, Jean-Charles, Johnny Joseph, Samba Boukmann, Fils-Aime, Exume Jean-Joseph, Alexis, Annette Auguste and many more criminals.

    So what, whatever the presidential elction result will be, the same stick will knock on their doors. People, don’t waste your time. Elections results will not change anything in the agenda.

    Pray for the delay of MAY 14TH, 2011.The streets will be red, red, red.

  2. Francois Duvalier, the father of Jean claude had done so many thing for haitian people. before black haitian could not go to bac. exams except white haitian. Francois gave the right place to haitian black women who can become president now. The country was clean, we got respect, no foreign country could not com to haiti to fuck our children, to make homosexual act with our children. We got food to eat, electricity, clean water,free school, all pesants sent their children to Port-au-prince to study, no discrimination.The so called servant was supposed to go to school. Every 4oclock in the morning many men in the street to clean the street before the day time. Due to Duvalier we got the airport, he did not have the international help to build it. He permitted us to travel to the foreign countries to get cars, houses and educated children. without Duvalier Michelle Jean would not be what she is today. Jean Claude Duvalier did not do anything wong to the poeple, he was a child, he cannot pay for the criminals. My family never interfer in the politic of Duvalier, we were 7 children, wwhy we did not suffer?
    I suffer in Montreal of racism when I step feet here. I got my medical laboratory diploma and made refresher courses here, during an exam, I got the best marks they did not choose me,
    chineese guy got yellow colour and he was chosen.
    The police here arrest our sons because they got a new carand sometimes beat them for nothing, nobody says anything. I have the example of a Jamaican woman become blind because she was beaten by a police by claiming her right.
    she sued them. Nobody spoke about that. excuse my english, I am french.

  3. Good for you Princesse.

    I was here when Francois Duvalier was President and he was really one of the best leaders anyone could hope for. Of course, there were those who pressed against him, but they are always present in Haiti, challenging whoever is in power.

    The media and others have exaggerated the bad and ignored the good, for both Duvalier presidencies.

    And they deified Aristide even as he necklaced dozens of innocent people…and I was here to witness that.

    Preval is the worst of the bunch, having killed many and stolen fortunes, set aside for hurricane relief.

    Francois Duvalier was a moralist and died with very little in the bank.

    You cannot say the same for Aristide with his $1.5 billion and Preval with his hundreds of millions.

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