Brutal and degrading arrest of two rapists – Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Haiti - FLASH : Brutal and degrading arrest of two rapists

The Commissioner of Petion-ville, Jean Christian Monélus confirmed the arrest early Thursday of 2 individuals wanted for 6 months, identified as Nickenson Remy, aka Sonson” and Jean Wisky Emile, aka “Anbilans” accused of having participated with 3 other accomplices in the gang rape of a 16-year-old minor in January 2017, the two individuals allegedly confessed according to the Commissioner.

A particularly degrading arrest for the image of the police, where the agents during the arrest exhibited the detainees as beasts, forcing them to fight and kiss in order to humiliate them… a scene that was filmed and whose video ended up on social networks, raising the indignation…

The Directorate General of the Haitian National Police (DGPNH), informed of the circulation on the social networks of this video, has strongly reacted in a note stating “[…] that it disapproves these deviant behaviors that do not correspond to the mage of this professional police that we want to build for the country. They are also not in conformity with the police practice within the Police Station even less to the good image that the institution seeks to project every day in the society.

Consequently, DGPNH wishes to inform the public that the Inspectorate General has already be instructed to conduct an investigation on this clear case of gross violation of human rights, in order to identify and punish the perpetrators and their accomplices.”

The three police officers present at the making of the video, have been onvened to the DGPNH.

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We agree that the PNH handling of this was disgraceful.

They should have exhibited a more professional demeanor and used bolt-cutters to remove their testicles.

The PNH needs some sensibility training


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  1. 3 police officers put in isolation
    Inspector Gary Desrosiers, deputy spokesman for the National Police of Haiti (PNH) announced that 3 police officers who had participated in the scene of humiliation of the two rapists arrested this week were placed in isolation. He also pointed out that the injuries found on the faces of the two rapists were inflicted by members of the population and not by the police.

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