Bonsante experts discover Vetiver an incredible plant they use to can make affordable soap.

We know Vetiver’s capable of stopping erosion and cholera from spreading by keeping fecal matter behind hedgerows. Terraces created behind the hedgerows compost dirt with microorganisms that kill cholera in matter of hours keeping it from getting into more water supplies.

Watch a video on Vetiver here:

Haiti Reconstruction International combats land desertification with Vetiver grass hedgerows.

Our programs let farmers use their mountainside land. We teach them to restore soil fertility, produce more food, and conserve their land for their children’s children!

Our Tlud stoves eliminate the need of charcoal so farmers will not need to cut down the trees!

A video is available for this aspect also.

HRI: New Web pages

on Co-operatives that will improve Seed and Food Security by decreasing post harvest food loss by increasing food production and income by improving technologies for safe storage, holding produce for higher prices.  Most important is having a backup supply of seed for emergencies. Watch more Videos to understand more about our program for helping Haiti.


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1 thought on “Bonsante experts discover Vetiver an incredible plant they use to can make affordable soap.

  1. The Essential Oil business, using Vetiver used to be a big business here. A lot was sent to Switzerland and used in the production of perfume.

    Haiti once exported 2,500,000 stems of bananas annually,

    It was an exporter of rice.

    Haiti produced its food requirements.

    Now look was America and its efforts to instill Democracy has done.

    Everyone is starving, and we still do not have Democracy.

    Democracy has no calories!

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