Bill Clinton Visits Haiti to Promote Ag Investment-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti March 10, 2013 (AP)

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is in Haiti with a delegation to promote investment in the Caribbean nation’s agriculture sector.

Clinton is the United Nations’ special envoy to Haiti. He arrived in the country Sunday and his two-day trip will include visits to an agriculture school, a coffee-processing plant and a brewery.

He is expected to announce several grants from his Clinton Foundation during his stay.

The trip is Clinton’s second this year to Haiti. He visited the country in January to mark the third anniversary of the devastating earthquake that destroyed thousands of buildings and displaced more than 1 million people. Officials said 316,000 people died but some believe the death toll was much lower.



There is a pretty good rumor to the effect that Bill Clinton has purchased several thousand acres on the St. Marc Road. Perhaps he will get some international group to sponsor a project and buy the land from him for multiples of the purchase price.

We also under stand that cash from the Clinton Fund is still available, if you know the few people here who can coordinate it.

And then there is the $2.5 million dollar investment in the oasis Hotel.

The cynics believe Bill Clinton wants to overtake Al Gore and his $1,000,000,000 and Haiti has given him the springboard.


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