September 11, 2010

The fix is in.

With a little help from the wife – Hillary, who just happens to be secretary of state, Bill hopes to derail the electoral process and see a transitional government installed. He hopes he, and his partners, will control the one selected – perhaps prime minister Bellerive or madame Manigat, two maleable puppets..

Bill Clinton has no real interest in helping Haiti, or its people. To suggest this is a naive smokescreen. He, his vorbe family contacts, and others plan to rape the nation – yet again.

As the Mafia says…”This isn’t personal. It’s business.”

Clinton may be surprised as Preval uses Clinton’s momentum, against him, like a judo wrestler. Clinton will think he has the winning hand but will be surprised as Preval wins the game.

The entire situation will blow up in Clinton’s face, embarrassing the Americans – yet again without the pleasure of staining a lady’s dress.

More Haitian children will die of disease and starvation, but who cares?

Haitian children have always been dying of disease and starvation, especially under Clinton’s two terms in office.


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  1. I think that the best Clinton could do for Haiti is to take Preval oof the country for a while, and then, bring him to justice.Because, remember what he had said, months ago. “They accuse me to do not be able to organize good elections, htat’s fine. However, I do know how to steal the power”.Now, as a proud dictator, he said: “I do not see why candidates come to participate in my elections because my party will win all the seats from presidency to senate and congress”.

    It’s like something earning in advance.Preval has the support of the international community to lead Haiti forever. He feels very comfortable to do whatever he wants in Haiti.He is on his way to become the new prime minister of Haiti. Even though the Minustah and Ban as the general secretary of United Nations revealed in their separated reports that, this elections are a show off for the drug dealers to exhibit the money power.In fact, in case of the government and CEP succeed, all the elected officials must be considered as the last government members of Noriega before to be brought in jail in Miami. So, Preval and his new president must be prepared to come in Miami to replace Manuel Antonio Noriega.

    So, Haiti will be freed sooner or later.

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