BAI/IJDH Take Another Step Towards Cholera Justice

International Scholars, Diaspora Leaders, Rights Experts and Former UN Officials Support Cholera Appeal

BAI/IJDH have taken another monumental step in the fight for justice for Haiti’s cholera victims. On May 27th, we filed a principal brief with the Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. The brief asks the Court of Appeals to reconsider the District Court’s decision that the UN is absolutely immune from suit. On June 3rd, 91 prominent scholars, Haitian-American leaders, human rights leaders and former UN officials from all over the world filed six briefs supporting our appeal. The briefs are alll well-written and compelling, and will be influential in court, in the media, in Congress and at the UN. We wouldn’t be here without your support, so thank you for making this work possible!
For a quick update on the cholera case’s progress over the last year, see this Boston Haitian Reporter article

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