As Inauguration Nears, Martelly Prepares Duvalier Amnesty and Political Offensive

By Kim Ives
As human rights lawyers assist the outgoing Haitian government in preparing a legal case against former “President for Life” Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, Haiti’s likely incoming president revealed this week that he favors granting the recently returned dictator an amnesty from prosecution.

In an interview with Montreal’s French-language daily La Presse, Michel “Sweet Micky” Martelly said that he “could eventually think of that (an amnesty) to the extent that those who were hurt in the past understand the need for reconciliation” and that “I’m leaning toward the side of amnesty and forgiveness.”


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1 thought on “As Inauguration Nears, Martelly Prepares Duvalier Amnesty and Political Offensive

  1. Amnesty? are you serious? I certainly understand the need for reconciliation and partnership; However, that does not give one the right of freedom for crime that could have been prevented. I think we fail to understand the number of people that have suffered directly or inderictly from the Duvalier regime. I remember hearing stories growing up on how my father and some of his colleagues were beaten for no apparent reasons. As a child, my father was my hero and I wanted revange. Let us remember, these people did not die in vein. So many have fled a country that they admire and love, because of the Duvalier regime. Sure we can leave it to God the most high to dispute but while we are on this earth, we must exercise and respect the law of the land in which we live. We must set firm and precise examples as Haitian and as our new President take office, that change has come. In every action there’s reaction. Let’s give Mr Martelly th benefit of doubt and hope for a better Haiti.

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