January 19, 2013

Arnel Belizair went to Carefour Fuilles on  the night of January 18 to distribute money among his Aristide/Lavalas terrorist associates. He was seen passing out cash  at Savanne Pistache, Fort Mercredi and on Rue Martineau. Belizaire was driving a blue Range Rover. This money is in support of more actions against the government of Laurent Lamothe.

On January 12 Belizaire and 5 PRI members met to prepare troubles at parliament.

If the Haitian people were responding spontaneously to some real, or imagined problem, it would be one thing. However, for  sitting members of the Haitian Parliament to foment street violence against their legitimate government. The demonstrations, and violence, are not spontaneous. They are paid criminal activities and must be stopped if the country is to have any chance of surviving.

These criminal elements must be neutralized.

Aristide must be neutralized, once and for all.

Name a really qualified special prosecutor to investigate and pursue Aristide’s crimes. The ex-president promised to remain neutral, and concentrate on education. Now, he is actively involved with efforts to topple the Martelly/Lamothe government.


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  1. This is a government paid coward, who do not have the b… to show his or her hand. Any low life, good for nothing, bum can write what ever they are paid to write about any body. If you are telling the truth say your name. Show picture proof of what you are saying. Is’nt that amazing, you just happen to be in the area to see this happening. Why does haitian lie so easily. What’s wrong with saying ” I do not like such, and such person without making up stupid allegations against that person”. By the way what blue Range Rover? when did the Depute own a blue Range Rover. If you are going to lie, at least get your facts straight.

    1. In reply to Nande05
      This report was generated by someone who followed Arnel Belizaire, after being tipped off by a journalist. The person followed the Senator on a motorcycle and did photograph the action in video. We have the plate number of the vehicle and will publish this.

      Your comment is on the mental level of someone supporting Belizaire a convicted criminal elected with fraudulent documentation, proving that “birds of a feather flock together.”

      Have a nice day turkey.

  2. As a matter of interest, Senator Arnel Belizaire does drive a blue Land Rover which makes the report more credible. He also has a governement supplied Land Cruiser but would not likely use this vehicle for criminal purposes with his Official plates.

  3. Let us be brutally blunt about anonymity.

    Nande05 takes you directly to RCH 2000 96.1 FM in Haiti and the e-mail attached to the stupid comment belongs to IP

    Are you related to the Prime Minister?

    I am Michael Collins and do not hide the fact from anyone, jerk!

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