Mar 18, 2020
I have just spoken to a Pastor who welcomes several hundred parishioners to services 7 days per week. 
His church is a petri dish for infection.
The suggestion that he close down his operation, for the CORONAVIRUS Period was met with disdain as the Man of God commented that there was really no danger.
One might take this as a demonstration is simple ignorance, which is possible.
More likely, it is a desire to milk his congregation for every penny in order to make a profit. Being a Pastor can be the channel to wealth.
The CORONAVIRUS  is a gift from Heaven for the greedy Pastors.
There are no cases of CORONAVIRUS in Haiti, or so it seems. In actual fact, our non-existent medical system has zero capability of checking for the virus, or treating it when the virus erupts.
The already stressed medical community is going to be further stressed as many doctors close their offices, due to the CORONAVIRUS threat.
There are reports that two doctors died, of symptoms that seem to mirror CORONAVIRUS several weeks ago, after having attended a symposium in Europe.
God should tell his people to close down their church services for a period of time.
If the government wants to discover reality, it must seek out the Truth among the Voodoo Community Houngans. These Voodoo Priests are the ones Haitians will turn to in time of sickness.
If CORONAVIRUS gets a start, there is absolutely nothing to prevent a catastrophe greater than the 2010 Quake which took over 300,000 lives.
We could see over 7,000,000 infected with a few hundred thousand deaths.
Time for the government to wake up and smell the roses.
It is probably already too late.

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