11 thoughts on “ARISTIDE IS ON HIS WAY!!!–Updated Feb12th at 14:36

  1. Aristide has been posturing to come back. It has been a matter of time, and right now it seems to be that time.
    He and his pal Preval are going to steal the palace again, and our democracy will lay dead in the gutter.

  2. They plan to fly Aristide from South Africa to Haiti in a South African military aircraft. He will arrive in Haiti at some time after midnight and his arrival will be announced at 9:00A.M. that day.

    American Representative Maxine Water will be on the aircraft with Aristide, according to certain sources.

    This is Preval’s revenge on the International Community for humiliating him.

    From day one, Preval has had a pathological fear of leaving Haiti and no one has recognized this for the danger it presents. He will do anything he can to block his forced removal from Haiti, or his path to Justice, for his many crimes.

    Mirlande Manigat was his choice to protect him and he bought her. Now Manigat is showing independence and Preval is frightened. Celestin was derailed. Now, his one guarantee is Aristide who will promise to see him stay in Haiti.

    There will be no election.

    Chaos must follow.

    And we have Hillary Clinton, Mulet and MINUSTAH to thank for the disastrous situation we face.

  3. No yes! No Yes! No Yes!

    Aristide and Preval will taken to jail by the International forces any way.

    So what? Nothing.
    Peacefully, the country will move on to a next step.
    For last,the terrorists will get a real lesson in Haiti.

    Iran will face unrest soon.
    Venezuela will be in bad shape as well.

    Be prepared people.

    The situation will be tough in the region soon.

    The nexy government in Haiti will be under internetional control,
    So what? nothing.

  4. The Haitian elite and the US will have look to the future, not the past. They will have to have to accept that the Haitian poor have to be a part of the political scene. You cannot put on fraud elections and expect to get away with it so easily, not in this day and age of the Internet.

    The Haitian people for the most part support Fanmi Lavalas. Deal with it but not in the usual violent way. It will not work.

  5. U.S. Representative Maxine Waters is in Los Angeles this morning, and will soon be boarding a plane for Washington so she can participate in scheduled House votes tonight. – Sean Bartlett, press secretary, Rep. Waters.

  6. It’s almost 48 hours after this titillating headline written in present tense…

  7. Tout sa se dilatwa. Duvalier arrival has been very hush hush, and he came on a regular flight like a normal citizen. I really do not see make a big deal for somebody who’s afraid to come back. Duvalier is prepared to answer for any crimes committed while he was is power. Is Aristide prepare to do the same? Only time will tell

  8. Duvalier arrival was pretty hush hush but he came on a regular flight like a private citizen. Why can’t Aristide do the same? What is he afraid of? Duvalier is ready to answer for his crimes, is Aristide ready? Of course not!!! Nap fe yon paket dilatwa pou gran mesi. There is no direct flight from south africa to haiti, and I don’t think he can make any stop on another foreign soil unless approve by that government. To be continued…

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