October 30, 2018

Another gift from the Americans!

When South Africa wanted to evict Aristide, the troublemaker, no other nation would accept him. He had been in South Africa, with America’s Tresury paying all bills, since Aristide was evicted from The Central African Republic, for being a problematic guest.

And so, the United States returned him to Haiti with his promise to remain out of politics, and focus upon education. Everyone knew this was a lie, since Aristide had never kept any promise, to anyone, EVER!!

Now, Haiti is about pay the price – AGAIN – as Aristide makes a heavy move to topple the Jovenel Moise government.

Yesterday – October 29, Jean Bertrand Aristide held a national meeting at his Tabarre residence, attended by all major leaders nationwide. Over the past months, Aristide has quietly paid cash into anti-government actions, and coached his Lavalas Police Chief Gedeon, on how they should act to derail Jovenel Moise.

Gedeon is a regular nocturnal guest at Tabararre where he talks strategy with his leader – Aristide.

Quote from American Ambassador Preeg’s on Caribbean Basin Initiative, 1983…. then

The Americans removed a structured government – the Duvalier government – replacing it was a street mob called Democracy. Even the Aristide-controlled parliament rejected Aristide in 1991 when he was sent into exile. Elections were called, under Article 149 of the Constitution, and a new President would have been installed in December, 1991, had the Bush administration not made a knee-jerk reaction that saw a long, murderous embargo imposed on Haiti that effectively destroyed all infrastructure, cost us 100,000 assembly jobs and saw thousands of kids, under the age of 5, starved to death – ALL IN THE NAME OF AMERICA’S VISION OF DEMOCRACY- ARISTIDE.

Clinton then invaded Haiti with 23,000 soldiers, to force Aristide back upon an unwilling nation.

Without the Forces Armees d’Haiti, Aristide lasted from 1995 – 2004 before he was – yet again – rejected by the vast majority.

Now we see the final act of this American charade, as Aristide mobilizes his forces to – yet again – embarrass the American Nation.

Enough is enough.

The Americans know of Aristide’s role in the cocaine business, having gathered a ton of evidence during the trails of other Haitians, convicted of narco-traffic.

As a favor to 12,000,000 people, the Americans should neutralize this threat, once and for all.

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Luidor the PNH officer who stole $750,000 from lady’s baggage at airport, and ran to hide in States, is now back to replace Aristide.


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