Aristide’s Party Is Banned-Election turmoil predicted


LavaLogoHaiti’s electoral council banned Fanmi Lavalas, the influential party of the exiled former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, from next year’s legislative elections. It was one of 17 groups, including the Lespwa movement that formed around President Rene Preval, listed as banned because they submitted improper documents. Mr. Aristide, who was overthrown during a 2004 rebellion and is living in exile in South Africa, said in an interview with Radio Solidarité that the decision to eliminate Lavalas was “an electoral coup d’état.” Haiti’s legislature chose a new prime minister last week, and tensions remain high over the presence of 9,000 United Nations peacekeepers, who arrived in the impoverished country after the 2004 rebellion.

Since his theft of the 2006 election President Rene Preval has worked to prepare a SOFT COUP –  similar to ones that have gained the presidencies of at least 5 Central and South American countries. The Hondurans recently escaped such a fate as it’s President moved to force a constitutional amendment that would have allowed him to extend his term in office. Leftist leaders are using  Democratic Principles to initiate dictatorial control. Adolf Hitler won control via the democratic process.

Immediately after the United Nations declared Preval a winner – with more than the required 51 percent to avoid a run off – he set out to amend Haiti’s 1987 Constitution  in such a way that future votes’ would be controlled by him. He controls the CEP – Electoral Council – and they can give the vote to anyone they please.

As a matter of historic interest – Preval attained 23 percent of the vote and should have faced a run-off….in which he would have lost to the potential combination of all candidates behind one of their number.

Preval has  now barred any and all potential competitors from the planned elections. He recently stole six Senatorial seats in elections witnessing near zero voter turn-out.  He has approached party leaders with bribes to dump their parties into his planned single party government.  Those who will not bow to his pressure are to be objects of threats to their personal well-being and that of their families and supporters.

Senator Lambert, of Jacmel, has sent his wife to Miami for the electoral cycle with the comment that there will be a great deal of violence – and death involved with the scheduled elections. He is a well-known cocaine operative who has somehow managed to avoid indictment by the DEA for his blatant disregard for the American people as he smuggles tons of cocaine into our ports.

Preval will create a violent situation which will bar elections in February, 2010. Carnival will then be upon the nation, making elections impossible. June will be a possibility….with a delay to December a likelihood.

Preval prefers to Rule by Decree – a Democratic form of Dictatorship – as he did in 1999.

Free-and-fair-elections are not possible with the present Preval team of criminals in control.


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  1. Anyone who has studied the history would have to ask if there has ever been a free and fair election. Recent elections have been anything but free and fair. We all hope for change, but the criminal influence of Rene Preval is omnipresent

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