Who Needs Enemies With Friends Like These??

Published on Saturday, December 12, 2009
WASHINGTON, USA — This week, the Group of Friends of Haiti of the Organization of American States (OAS) reaffirmed their support for continued political stability in Haiti and stressed the importance of the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for 2010.

In briefing delegates on his visit to Haiti where he met with President Rene Preval; Jean-Max Bellerive, the new Haitian Prime Minister and Marie Michele Rey, Foreign Minister, OAS Assistant Secretary General, Albert Ramdin, Chair of the Haiti Group of Friends underscored theimportance of remaining directly engaged with the Haitian authorities and to reaffirming our solidarity, and commitment”.

OAS Assistant Secretary
General Albert Ramdin

Assistant Secretary General Ramdin went on to say that “in this very dynamic election year, “we would like to see democracy in Haiti continue to flourish, deepen and strengthen and that the positive political climate that has characterized the country over the last four years consolidated with strong participation from the Haitian population. Ramdin reported that approximately 80 observers will be present to cover the polling stations throughout the legislative elections that will take place on February 28, 2010.

Ambassador Duly Brutus, Haiti’s Permanent Representative to the OAS, highlighted the importance of the legislative elections despite the challenges the country faces and in a positive note stated “I am very optimistic that we will have a large number of people going to the poles, and I think that it is a good thing that the OAS will be observing the elections”.



OAS Assistant Secretary General, Albert Ramdin, Chair of the Haiti Group of Friends  is simply another naïve person, in a long line of similar individuals, who believes his words will have an effect upon Rene Preval. The OAS will talk a great deal, but will take no positive steps to ensure a free-and-fair election.. Why should we expect otherwise when the OAS has validated previous frauds?  Their latest validation saw Preval steal 6 Senate seats. Their previous validation of fraud saw them accept Preval’s electoral win in 2006 when OAS member representatives of Brazil and Peru, in a meeting with Preval and Rene Momplaisir (leader of the Lavalas Popular Organizations) agreed to declare Preval winner, with more than 51 percent of the vote, when he only reached 23 percent. Momplaisir threatened to “burn Port-au-Prince” if Preval failed. He put the mob into the Montana Hotel’s swimming pool as a demonstration. MINUSTAH/OAS surrendered.

None of the opposition parties were  consulted making the Preval Presidency an unconstitutional one, violating Haiti’s Constitution of 1987 in a multitude of ways. Now Preval will destroy this  Constitution to maintain his control of Haiti – gained by unconstitutional means in 2006.

And the OAS thinks they have some control of this situation???!!!

My goodness!

With Friends like these in the OAS, Haiti’s 9,000,000 citizens have absolutely no hope of  attaining even a shadow the  true Democratic Process!

It is really a time to stop this obfuscation and call a crime a crime!

Insofar as Duly Brutus, Haiti’s Permanent Representative to the OAS, is concerned, he was of more value to the Haitian Nation before he ran off to Washington, and learned English,  to become another simple parrot extolling the programs placed before him by foreign elements.  Brutus knows exactly what is going on in Haiti……and has yet to make any useful comment upon the criminality of the Preval government, the Prime Minister’s Office or the Chamber of Deputies/Senate.

In other words, Duly Brutus serves no constructive purpose  for Haitian well-being.  He prostitutes himself  to the foreigners’ tune, as do so many others.


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