ANOTHER MYTH UN’s zero tolerance of sexual abuse in Haiti



Monday 12 September 2011 20.59 BST

The UN has a zero tolerance policy toward sexual exploitation and abuse, and as a result does not tolerate any misbehaviour by its personnel. Based on this policy, both Minustah (Mission des Nations Unies pour la stabilisation en Haiti) and the UN department of field support in New York took immediate remedial action on being informed of allegations of sexual assault perpetrated by five of its military personnel on a Haitian national. The UN is also collaborating with the government of Uruguay to ensure a thorough investigation is conducted and that due legal procedure is followed.

The Uruguayan ministry of defence acted swiftly to relieve the head of Uruguay’s naval contingent in Haiti of his post, to recall the alleged five perpetrators, to open an investigation into the allegations and to take “severe and exemplary measures”, should the accused be found guilty.

While the video mentioned in your article (Is this Minustah’s ‘Abu Ghraib moment’ in Haiti?, 3 September) is profoundly disturbing and inexcusable, the incident is not comparable to the events in Abu Ghraib. The acts of a few should not overshadow the contribution made by the thousands of civilian, police and military personnel who have served Minustah and Haiti commendably since 2004.
Mariano Fernandez
Special representative of the UN secretary-general for Haiti



Don’t eat that Wilber…It’s horse manure.

What crap!!  The UN has no Zero Tolerance system in place. We have been inundated with reports of UN crimes in Haiti including involvement in kidnapping, drug dealing, theft of funds/material and sexual exploitation.

In fact, the case of the young boy, in Cap Haitien, was reported to the UN authority and this authority issued an official denial on August 18, 2011.

And then the video came out and they have had to eat their words…which they refused to do for a number of days…continuing their denials.

It is time for a new look at the UN in Haiti and an investigation of the many, many, many allegations of sexual abuse that are in the MINUSTAH filing cabinets.

I have seen some of these and they are disgusting and would see an American, in the United States, jailed for many years.

So cut the useless propaganda. The world knows what the UN stands for and this realization is a disappointment.


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3 thoughts on “ANOTHER MYTH UN’s zero tolerance of sexual abuse in Haiti

  1. You are correct, and on point.

    As a matter of fgact, the Port Salut MINUSTAH detachment, where the 18 year old boy was raped, was subject of another local complaint a couple of monthjs ago. Local Haitians were complaining that the MINUSTAH troops were involved with child molestation and creation of child pornography.

    This uproar died out with no action.

    A local doctor tells of a 9 year old girl who was brought to the hospital to have her vagina repaired after an attack.

    The stories go one, and on, and on….but MINUSTAH is an occupying force that controls everything.

    October sees the time for renewal of the MINUSTAH mandate and I am not sure the Haitian government will allow these things to continue.

  2. The boy has been threated if he does not quiet his complaint. Others have beeen menaced especially the boys who found the tape of his torments.

    The MINUSTAH peoples are not here for other than crimes

  3. This family should be taken out of Haiti to wherever they would like to go…Canada, USA, France because they are in danger from the United Nations who see them as a threat to the MINUSTAH mandate renewal October 15, 2011.

    Their lives and well-being are in danger.

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