Ahmadinejad calls for new world order that will include Haiti. President Martelly will welcome Ahmadinejad March 9 when Iranian leader visits nation to present $600,000,000 to Haitian government.

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Thu Feb 2, 2012 1:7:32PM GMT presstv.ir

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for a new world order of justice-seeking nations, to replace the existing Western-dominated liberal status quo.
President Ahmadinejad made the remarks at the inauguration ceremony of the 2nd International Conference on Hollywoodism and Cinema in Tehran on Thursday.

The Iranian chief executive stated that the world’s dominant powers deliberately bully the smaller nations, who are not in conflict with one another, thereby creating artificial problems between them.

President Ahmadinejad also pointed out that this new world order needs to be all-inclusive, and not be dominated by any particular single nation.  He mentioned that negotiations with   Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs are in the final stages for the historic March 9 presidential visit to Haiti. Venezuelan  President Chavez will send a security team to back the one  accompanying President Ahmadinejad.

This will be the coup des grace to America’s weakened Monroe Doctrine.

President Ahmadinejad will also visit other Caribbean leaders, including those of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Ecuador. These governments are working to create an organization that will replace the OAS and dilute the influence of the Unites States and Canada in this region.

The event kicked off in the Iranian capital, as part of the 2012 Fajr International Film Festival.




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21 thoughts on “Ahmadinejad calls for new world order that will include Haiti. President Martelly will welcome Ahmadinejad March 9 when Iranian leader visits nation to present $600,000,000 to Haitian government.

  1. Stop joking, and wishing for Haiti’s demise. Before the US allows Iran to buy itself a $600,000,000 beachhead in America’s own backyard, the US would vaporize Haiti first.

  2. Hughes, we just report the facts and they are supported by comments from within Martelly’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iran and Venezuela.

    We do not report on the common sense of the situation or the dangers this Iranian would face, should he be brave/stupid enough to make the trip.

    What you seem to have missed, is the obvious fact that the Iranian president has already gained a huge PR victory by suggesting a visit to the Lion’s Den.

    However, having said this, the American reactions to Laurent Lamothe, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, and a number of other things, demonstrates a wimpy attitude toward Haiti.

    Their previous vote to recognize a Palestinian state had no positive result for Haiti. Instead, it generated negative emotions as will any dealings with Iran.

    The Martelly government should focus on things Haitian.

    Unfortunately, Castro, Chavez, and others have convinced Martelly that he is the new populist leader of the Americas and does not need Canada or the United States.

    You should know that the Haitian reality would not be reality elsewhere.

  3. A great Leader should be strong and brave.


  4. This is fake. Please check around the internet and contact trhe governement you will confirm that this article is fake.

    God bless you!


  5. Jpp, Janl janl pasel pase,grenadier alaso, I think it’s a big sign of peace for both world, Haiti has always been a poppet country, so hopefully Iran cooporation will help Haiti to take self decision , Haiti is a independent country so the have the right to be friend who who they want, so if America is against that so they need to tell us that,More than 40% of Haiti’s economy is from America , but that money Iran is giving to Haiti can do a lot for us . So please people.

  6. Thank you for seeing Haiti’s Struggle…
    in response to Huges; What does Venezuela(1811), Nicaragua(1821), Guatemala(1821) and Ecuador(1822) have in common with Haiti(1804)? Our political oppression was started during the end of the Cold War, where western Liberals sought to defend themselves from communist threats and other political moments leading to revolutions. As politics shake its country’s foundation this leaves cracks for political profiteers and political lobbyists to pushing for more lenient financial laws. Only the good prevails and evil reigns for short periods of time.
    Haiti[France] is the second of the Americas After the United States[England] to claim its independents from its Oppressors…why are we still the oppressed and weakest of the Americas…25yrs of artificial problems…
    *(dates declared independent)

  7. This is a Step towards Haiti being recognized as a Country, not just the poorest country in the western hemisphere. We are an Important player to the dealing of the Americas…its time we see Haiti for what it is, not what has been assume as Haiti. We are the oldest of the Americas.

  8. Haiti is a Free and Sovereign Country and is empowered to make friends and alliances with any foreign Country of her own choosing irregardless of the sentiments of her current alliances. However, such new alliances should be in the interests of the national patrimony with “no fine prints or strings attached”.

    Of course, there is no such thing as “a free meal” and the motives should be well defined and understood at the very onset of any new alliance.

    After the earthquake, we have seen the world expressing deep sympathy and willingness to help Haiti and we should not close the door on new donors. After all, it is worth reminding ourselves that we are one humanity in the drama of life.

    The visit of Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, should also be welcome as Haiti’s age old international isolation has come to a close with the advent of our dynamic new President Michel Martelly. We don’t have to share all the values of someone to be his/her friend otherwise no one would have any friend in this world.

    Two thumbs up for this upcoming visit.

  9. i can’t understand it why ppl are treating Haiti american’s den. Haiti is an independent country, first black republic. watch what u’re saying. Haiti can do business with whom they want to. We don’t need others to dictate us.

  10. there’s nothing wront with Castro nor Chavez if they don’t take orders from others. This is what it means a country is sovereign.

  11. why the us gov has to scare if president Ahmadinejad wants to help the Haitian ppl. It’s not the us business. they should focus on their problems. If they really wanted to help the haitians get out of poverty they would.
    mind ur own business ppl.

  12. The name says it Haitian Truth so disappointed that you give deliberately unreliable information to your visitors. Shame on you fellow Haitian

  13. the same facts and comment you said was supported by people within the goverment (foreign minister) , he just flat out deny it . Now the question who is telling the truth ? i prefer the foreign minister words . FYI check the foreign minister facebook page , you will see the denial .Thanks

  14. We, Haitians, spend too much time dreaming in the cloud. Stop counting on what other countries plan to do for us; let’s work together and put our country back on the map. I wonder what would happen if $600,000,000.00 fall in the hand of the Haitian government. Would history repeat itself? We will always be disappointed if we count on other people.

  15. Thank you all for your varied responses – Pro and Co.

    Shows people are reading and forming opinions.

    The fact remains that people, within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who have been there for years, and are not Martelly/Lamothe supporters, were involved with the correspondence, back and forth with Iran.

    No matter what Lamothe may say, the dossier exists

  16. In Haiti denials means nothing. Apprehend a politician with a stolen diamond in his hands and he will deny it is there.

    The politicians think we are stupid.

    Eventually the truths will reveal themselves since Haitians cannot never keep secrets

  17. The first black republic.You people have done a great job.One of the poorest countries too.Clinton gave Haiti millions,where did it go?Haiti is a disaster.If it was so great, you would stay there.

    1. All heated sentiments aside, please keep the comment forum free of profanity.

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