Taiwan’s First Lady Left For Haiti on a Humanitarian Visit

By : dpa Taipei – Taiwan’s first lady left for Haiti on a humanitarian visit on Sunday, following the catastrophic earthquake in January which killed 230,000 people and left 1 million homeless.Haiti is among the just 23 countries that recognize Taiwan diplomatically.Chow would express Taiwan’s sympathy to people in Haiti and give away solar-powered light fixtures as part of the island’s continuing effort to help its ally to get back on its feet, presidential officials said.Taiwan has so far donated 16 million US dollars to Haiti. Through some of its aid groups, it has also supported 8,000-1,200 Haitian children who became orphans after the quake. After Haiti, Chow was scheduled to make a two-day stopover in the Dominican Republic, another country which recognizes Taiwan, before returning to Taiwan next Sunday.


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