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Sacré Martelly !

Le Nouvelliste | Publié le : 2013-01-15 Roberson Alphonse Guirlène Jean Charles Le président Michel J. Martelly s’est offert une petite virée sur des terres sacrées….

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Ertha Pascal Trouillot a dénoncé un plan d’assassinat-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

L’ancienne présidente provisoire d’Haïti, Ertha Pascal Trouillot a dénoncé un complot qui serait ourdi par l’ex président Jean Bertrand Aristide dans l’objectif de l’assassiner. L’ancienne…

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Cuba Fights Cholera Outbreak, as Haiti Tries to Eliminate The Disease

Havana restaurant closed down As Haiti tries to push the United Nations to accept responsibility for a cholera outbreak that so far has killed 8,000…

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U.S. intercepts unsafe sailboat, repatriates 164 Haitians

The Coast Guard in Miami released this photo Jan. 11, 2013 of a “grossly overloaded” 40-foot sail freighter that was intercepted southwest of Long Island,…

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World Bank: Haiti’s Economy to Grow 6 Percent, Lead Caribbean in 2013-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

Caribbean Above: Haiti (Photo: MT Haiti) By the Caribbean Journal staff Haiti will lead the Caribbean in economic growth in 2013, according to a…

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Is outside help making things worse in Haiti?

Is outside help making things worse in Haiti? Traci G. Lee, @traciglee 11:45 am on 01/15/2013 The three-year anniversary of the devastating 7.0 earthquake that left…

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Irish cellphone entrepreneur banks on a smarter Haiti

Reuters/Reuters – Digicel Chairman Denis O’Brien attends an interview with Reuters at the company’s headquarters in Port-au-Prince, in this picture taken December 18, 2012. REUTERS/Swoan…

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World Bank “Success” Came at High Cost in Haiti

This is the first of a two-part series on the PRODEP community development project in Haiti. One of the boats built with the PRODEP money….