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Yep- that is a Horse's Ass


L’ame Veritable

Taking Action…
Haiti Observateur seems to have finally barked up the wrong
tree. Aside from the defamatory comments printed about
Stanley Handal, they appear have also recently printed lies
about the Vorbe Family, Haiti’s very own Prime Minister M.
Laurent Lamothe and Haiti’s First Son Olivier Martelly, Son of
President of Haiti Michel Martelly.

Truth: Currently Groupe Jean Vorbe is fighting back the false
statements made by HO. )

Truth: The Prime Minister of Haiti M. Laurent Lamothe is
currently answering Haiti Observateur by suing them in U.S.
court of law.

Truth here is what happens when defamatory statements are
published online



We are familiar with the workings of the American court
system and the realities of legal actions.

Haiti Observateur has printed comments from the public
domain, that have been repeated in numerous printed
publications, over the Haitian radio/TV channels.

Of course, they may or may not be true and legal action may,
or may not arrive at the truth.

We happen to be supporters of the Martelly/Lamothe
government and believe that it is in no one’s interest to see
this government collapse. Having said this, we would be less than
honest if we did not present criticism, when criticism is due.
If we did otherwise, the Martelly/Lamothe government, our
government, would sail on blissfully in the belief that they are doing nothing wrong.

We note that the Vorbe family decries the comments made
by Clifford Brandt and the Haitian media, plus some PNH
sources. However, the comments have been made and must
be addressed. The Vorbes are doing this.

With regard to the Stanley Handal situation, there were some
strong suggestions of an involvement in a 2005 event. This
event has resurfaced, in the Haitian, and foreign media.

We are also aware of the details involved in the Joel Deeb/
Omega fiasco. A Judgement was obtained by Handal, without
the facts being debated in a court of law because Deeb could
not afford an attorney.

Check the court file and you will see Handal is represented by
counsel while Deeb isn’t.

Time will tell, as details are presented by Brandt.

The Lamothe action may never see the light of a court room
because one must present sworn testimony at the deposition
and trial. There are some shadows from Africa that my Prime
Minister might like to forget.

Leo and Ray Joseph are not dummies and sought legal advice
before they tossed the hand grenade.

And, of course, there is a strong rumor, to the effect that
Thierry Mayard-Paul supplied the evidence that is being used
against Lamothe.

Michel Martelly must take steps to eliminate these problem
people, from withing his government, so that Laurent Lamothe
has a chance to get the Nation back on its feet.


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4 thoughts on “2012/11/12 at 5:51 pm HAITI O!!!MENTEUR-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

  1. @ Haitian-Truth: While we don’t always see eye to eye on your reporting, we both support this government and I agree that your last statement is spot on.

    “Michel Martelly must take steps to eliminate these problem people, from within his government, so that Laurent Lamothe has a chance to get the Nation back on its feet.”

    The people you refer to are not just limited to Thierry Mayard-Paul. They include the “First Brother in Law”, the “First Sister in Law”, the First Lady and others. The powers in the US are not blind to the links with rampant corruption and crime associated with those in or near the Presidents inner circle. Little by little, the noose is tightening and I am of the opinion that when all is said and done, there will be one man standing; Laurent Lamothe. African problems notwithstanding, Lamothe has the most credibility of any one of the members of the current leadership. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the next 6 months to a year, but I’m willing to bet that the landscape will be dramatically different from today.

    Oh and let’s not forget the hand of Lavalas in all of this. Lavalas is alive and well and is proving itself a master puppeteer. As a traditionally grass roots organization, it has gone back to its base and is sowing the seeds of discontent throughout the country. Martelly/Lamothe has given them too wide a berth to operate and this will unfortunately come back to haunt them in the near future. Lamothe will have to show real political acumen to effectively deal with the inevitable events coming.

  2. Martelly’s personal entourage is definitely a plethora of crooks, creeps and corrupted starting with his infamous in-laws. Wouldn’t be a big deal if he was still a musician but as President that’s a lot of baggage. He should be thankful the opposition is full of clowns.

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  4. Chevrier

    I wish that I had written your analysis.

    It is really spot on.

    If you agreed with us all of the time, we would be doing something wrong.


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