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Betsie Gallardo Needs a Christmas Miracle

Criminal Justice-Charles Davis: Betsie Gallardo hasn’t gotten very many breaks in life. Born into poverty in Haiti – HIV-positive – she was repeatedly raped by…

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TAKE ACTION: We need a Christmas miracle for Betsie Gallardo

Folks, we need a Christmas miracle and we need it today. Get out your cell because you’re about to start crying and then start making…

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More Cuban Health Professionals to Haiti

Digital newspaper of Sancti Spiritus province, Cuba A new group of 60 Cuban health professionals belonging to the Henry Reeve International Contingent of Doctors Specializing…

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Preval holds Haiti Hostage: Preval hints at staying on as Haiti president-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

`Préval has already served a maximum two terms in office. PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, Friday December 24, 2010 – It appears President René Préval may seek to…

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Cite Soleil clinic fronts Haiti’s fight against cholera

By Laura Trevelyan BBC News, Cite Soleil, Haiti: Waf Jeremie is a port at the outer edge of Cite Soleil, the sprawling slum in Port-au-Prince….

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BROWARD CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION Mother’s plea: Don’t let my daughter die alone in prison

BY DANIEL CHANG Betsie Gallardo may die in a Broward County prison this Christmas, her 27-year-old body ravaged by stage four cancer, her family…

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Haiti mobs lynch voodoo priests over cholera fears

BBC-Latin America:Voodoo priests in Haiti are being lynched by mobs who blame them for spreading cholera, the country’s government has said. At least 45 people…