Jean Claude Duvalier May Be Arrested When He Arrives in Court At the Parquet at 11:00AM Tomorrow

Justice Minister Paul Denis placed a great deal of pressure on the presiding judge to have Jean-Claude Duvalier arrested tomorrow morning when he attends his court hearing in the Parquet at 11:00 A.M. Wednesday, February 9th.

This will be a major error in judgment on the behalf of the Preval Administration.

The legal counsel of Edwin Marger, Congressman Bob Barr, and Mike Puglise are concerned about the newest developments and one of them is enroute to Haiti to observe.


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3 thoughts on “Jean Claude Duvalier May Be Arrested When He Arrives in Court At the Parquet at 11:00AM Tomorrow

  1. we need to be well prepared to face the reactions of thounsands of thousands of relatives of those who were burned, assassinated, killed, and disappered after the departure of Duvalier in 1986.

    That will be the beginning of a real civil war in Haiti for sure.
    When you decide to stick into the ass of the tiger, you need to consider the lenght of its teeth.2011 is not 1986 where duvalierist were intimidated by the reactions and pressures of the “dechoukers” and the international community.

    Nowadays, it is crucial that everyone would like to fight against whosoever in Haiti. Maybe, that could be the way to clean Haiti definitely. Who knows?

    The explosions will be everywhere in Haiti tomorrow if that happen.Weapons will sing for sure because Jean Claude Duvalier is a symbol of iron system, but not the real driver of the repression system of the Duvalierism,like Aristide and Preval are for the Lavalas system put in place to distroy thousands and thousand of people in Haiti from 1986 to 2011.

    That could be also a clear signal to the near future leaders in Haiti to be more cautious about their acts and actions in public offices in Haiti.

    How the actual Minister of justice in this government will response to the acts fulfilled by his gangs ” Fe Koupe Fe”, the terrorist groups that he managed in the Southern of Haiti?

    What about his participation with Guy Phillip and associates against the population in 2003-2004 to ” Dechouke” Aristide in power?

    What will happen with Preval, Aristide and supporters for their actions all over Haiti from 1986 to 2011 by killing, burning,kidnapping, rapping, stealing,assassinating people everyday, everywhere?

    That will be a mess.Be prepared, people. There is a long list of journalists who conducted the ” Operation Dechoukaj”,” Operation Bagdad” from 1986 to 2011 in Haiti, so what will happen to them?

    So, I really think that maybe it is time to ” SPEAK THE TRUTH” in the political field in Haiti.We must recall responsabilities of everyone in the process of destruction of the Nation from 1804 to 2011 to recount to the youth of the Country what really happen to Haiti.

    We need really to correct this situation and stop playing game of human traffickings in Haiti.We need to open eyes and minds in order to understand who is behind the complete destruction of Haiti and its inhabitants as it was so with the Indians before they brought negroes from Africa to put them as slaves in America and you know the results.

    PNH,the body of the actual government of Haiti are part of Duvalier reigns.So what?

    Lavalas members belong to Duvalier.
    Yo tout te ladanl.

    Haitians, be smart at last.

  2. Ho! Please, I forgot to remind you, ” If they touch Jean Claude Duvalier for any reason,Aristide, Preval,and Assocites will be okay,right away, where ever they might be.”

    Avril,Regala, Romain, Abraham, Namphy, Cedras,Manigat,and all the team will be in bad shape as well.So, how could you manage a situation like that?

    So, you better think twice before you act.

    We’ll see…

  3. I would say leave Jean Claude alone,the man came to honor his parents,country and is more humble than ever. I feel so sad when I look at him who can not walk by himself. he has paid his condemnation 25 years away with his conscience eating his brain,soul and flesh/have a look and please leave him alone. we better focus on the demond we have now called Preval who is in love with the devil,a devil similar to Michelle Benette who destroyed Jean claude Dream of a beautiful Haiti but to greedily use the money in luxurious goods that she has waisted in their majority already. Look at the country Michelle remember what you have done to this nation. So is that devil next to Preval those are the one we should have arrested,Preval,his wife, Michelle benette all the Preval governmental team starting from Gayo Dorsinvil ending on the jean max Belrive you lot gros vole anko

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