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Passage du cyclone Sandy en Haiti – Poor People ! Billions were given after the earthquake in 2010 – Where is the money ! Will the Clintons get richer with the massive Gold mine in Caracol ?

Presentement certaines zones dans le sud sont submergees tel que: Baraderes, Dame Marie, Port Salut, Coteaux, Abricot, Les Irois Les Anglais, Leogane, Petit Goave, Petite…

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En images – Sandy – l’ouragan laisse derrière lui un pays inondée en de nombreux endroits et 84 victimes, dont 66 morts et disparus. 21.000 personnes ont été déplacées

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Haiti: 2 Years After Earthquake-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

COMMENT: HAITIAN-TRUTH.ORG When I see the photo of the lady, with her premature baby, I hope for Wyclef Jean’s jailing with a bunch of guys…

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The Trials and Tribulations of a Failed Charity

NY Times:

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Many hospitals, doctors offer cash discount for medical bills

The lowest price is usually available only if patients don’t use their health insurance. In one case, blood tests that cost an insured patient $415…

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February 16, 2012 Prime Minister Garry Conille may be on the slippery slide to obscurity and he fumbles the ball at a critical moment. And,…

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Two Years Later-A Detailed Photo Gallery

Blood flows along the street in the aftermath of an earthquake in Port-au-Prince January 13, 2010. Reuters Haitians left homeless in the aftermath of Tuesday’s…

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Préval prepares to leave office in Haiti after serving through major disasters

While critics accuse him of not doing enough for moving Haiti forward, an “unlucky’’ René Préval prepares to head into the history books. By JACQUELINE…

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Duvalier lives comfortably in Haiti-Added COMMETNARY By Haitian-Truth

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti, May 10 ( — Former President-for-Life Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier appears to be living the good life in Haiti after a 25-year-exile. While…

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House seeks accounting of aid money to Haiti-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

WASHINGTON (AP) — The House on Tuesday asked the Obama administration to come up with an accounting of how humanitarian and reconstruction aid is being…

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Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Invests to Complete Construction of Haitian-owned Hotel and Conference Center in Port au Prince

Project Expected to Create Hundreds of Jobs and Bring Many Long-term Economic Benefits to Haiti.Sun Herald: WASHINGTON — The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund announced today…

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Ouvrez les placards ! Haïti: 14 mai 2011

Ouvrez les placards ! Haïti: 14 mai 2011. Passé cette date, le président René Préval et son gouvernement, restés au pouvoir après le 7 février…

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Fearing cholera, Haitians refuse to harvest rice

JESSICA LEEDER GLOBAL FOOD REPORTER— Instead of squatting over a small street-side fire cooking take-out food, Datilia Roland Doriela spends the day inside her tiny…

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Images Of Haiti Days After The Earthquake, And Now

NPR photographer David Gilkey revisits a few key locations in Haiti, one year after a massive earthquake devastated the capital, Port-au-Prince. The quake killed more…

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Volunteer in Haiti backs use of domes

JOSHUA WOLFSON Casper Star-Tribune | Posted: Friday, May 7, 2010 12:00 am CASPER — A Casper man whose geodesic dome design was used for a…

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Photo GALLERY of TENT CAMPS- What is wrong with these photos? The International Community uses this shot of the nice tents and Red Cross logo in support of their claims that over 50% of the…

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PHOTO GALLERY 03-2010- Flooded and Muddy Camps in Tent Cities

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March 16th Photo Gallery of Haitian Earthquake Aftermath

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Haitian Earthquake Photo Gallery loaded to site Jan 30th

They say, “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”, but there are no words for this. Be prepared at home and discuss the scenarios with…

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Photo Gallery of Aftermath in Haiti

Haiti: Coping with the aftermath Hi-res images from Los Angeles Times photographers Carolyn Cole, Rick Loomis and Brian Vander Brug.          …