Aid to Haiti: The View From the World Bank-Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

To the Editor:

Finishing Haiti’s Unfinished Work,” by Jean-Max Bellerive, the prime minister of Haiti, and former President Bill Clinton (Op-Ed, July 12), makes clear that success in Haiti will be measured in tangible results that improve the lives of the Haitian people.

Of the $5.3 billion pledged in New York at the end of March, about $500 million was pledged to the Haiti Reconstruction Fund, for which the World Bank is trustee. As of Thursday, only $98 million has been contributed from five donors: Brazil, Norway, Australia, Estonia and Colombia. Other donors, including the United States, should quickly follow suit.

Within one day of the first meeting of Prime Minister Bellerive’s and Mr. Clinton’s Reconstruction Commission in June, the Reconstruction Fund allocated $30 million to help the government of Haiti fill its budget gap to provide vital services and social assistance. This money will leverage an additional $30 million of International Development Association grants from the World Bank for budget support.

The United States Congress and many parliaments have made clear that funds given to Haiti should be managed in the most efficient way and to the highest governance standards. Speed is of the essence, but so are controls to ensure that funds are not misspent. That means we need to know who will get the money and how it will be spent. Projects must truly benefit the poor. The record of aid to Haiti over the last 20 years demands nothing less.

Sri Mulyani Indrawati
Managing Director, The World Bank
Washington, July 15, 2010



When will these morons start to realize that giving any money to Preval’s government will simply see these funds stolen in the most brazen manner. Preval gives “the finger” to the world community on a regular basis and everyone accepts his criminality…often blaming it on others.

Bellerive makes another pios statement. God protect us from criminal idiots like Bellerive, a 20 year member of the Dominican Republic’s Secret Police. No wonder Dominican President Fernandez wants to see Bellerive installed as head of a Provisional Government, or given the elections – by MINUSTAH – as was the case  with Preval.

Nothing will progress until Preval and his team of vagabonds are removed from the game.

Although many pay “lip service” to the integrity of Preval’s government….NO ONE TRUSTS HIM WITH SO MUCH AS A PENNY!!!.



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