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Revaluation of certain judgments of BCEN ?
According to the Report of Commissioners, the records of 39 deputies and 3 senators should be reevaluated in front a National Office of Electoral Litigation (BCEN) special. The CEP indicated that it will consider, case by case these 42 files relating to legislative elections.

54 presidential candidates except withdrawal
The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) confirmed that there will be no new registrations for president. The 54 candidates already registered are required to confirm their candidature from 8 to 22 June to CEP.

Voodoo sector in favor of keeping Privert
A delegation of the National Confederation of Haitian voodoo practitioners “KNVA”, composed of national Ati Joseph Fritzner Comas and Euvonie Georges Auguste among others, met with the office of the Chamber of Deputies, around the position to be adopted after June 14, the Ati Comas advocates in favor of a national agreement between the different sectors of the country to prevent the situation deteriorating, wishing President Privert remains at the National Palace after June 14.

The BCEN can not go back on its decisions
The office of the Chamber of Deputies met Friday, the president of the National Association of Haitian Magistrates (ANAMAH), Me Durin Duret Junior, as part of a series of exchanges around the report of the Independent Commission of Evaluation and Electoral Verification (CIEVE). Me Duret noted that the National Office of Electoral Disputes (BCEN) can not reverse decisions already made. Recall that Article 187.1 of the Electoral Decree clearly states that “The decisions of the National Office of Electoral Disputes (BCEN) are not subject to appeal.”

EU monitoring mission, always active
Ambassador Vincent Degert, said that the independent electoral observation mission of the European Union (EU EOM), deployed at the invitation of the Haitian Government, did not interrupt its observation and maintains its commitment with all the actors involved in the electoral process and in the first place, with the CEP […] furthermore, he informed that some experts of the EU EOM, including the Deputy Chief Observer, José Antonio de Gabriel, will be back in Haiti shortly to assess the progress made to restart the electoral process.

Maintain Privert
The Deputy Bélange Pierre, Spokesman of G33 “Parliamentarians Group at the Listening of People” (GPEP) said the decision would be wise to maintain Joclerme Privert. Antoine Rodon Bien-Aimé, Spokesman of G11 “Independent Parliamentary Group” (GPI) is also aligned with the position of his colleague, according to him the Présidnet Privert should remain in office until the holding of elections

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