WHY, WHY, WHY is PM in Turkey?? WHAT ABOUT ELECTIONS???? – Added COMMENTARY By Haitian-Truth

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Prime Minister in Turkey
22/05/2016 07:56:40

Haiti - Politic : Prime Minister in Turkey

On Saturday, Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles, accompanied by Aviol Fleurant, Minister of Planning and External Cooperation, has left the country to Istanbul in Turkey to attend the World Humanitarian Summit.

A delegation of 11 people, including 5 of the Haitian State and 6 of private sector, of local Haitian organizations and international, will represent Haiti in the framework of this Summit.

The Prime Minister will return to the country Thursday, May 26 During his absence, Camille Édouard, the Minister of Justice will assume the interim.

This event that will take place on 23 and 24 May 2016 in Istanbul is a global call to action launched by the Secretary General of United Nations Ban Ki-moon. It will mark a turning point in how the international community prepares and faces the crisis.

Faced with the fragility and vulnerability of the country to natural phenomena, the NGO community has focused on the priorities of Haiti for community resilience to which it is necessary to advocate at the global and national level. Thus, it is willing to engage in discussions, especially for the integration of local organizations in humanitarian response, the strengthening of local capacity, the participation of people with special needs and women in decision making and the effectiveness of humanitarian action. the NGO community called for a humanitarian assistance that takes into account the local culture and reality while relying on local and national expertise in order to be effective.

It is important to mention that discussions were conducted with the Haitian government on the priorities for Haiti. In this sense, from the 11 people that who will represent Haiti at the summit, five of them work in government institutions. This delegation will ensure the establishment of a monitoring committee to ensure the implementation of the recommendations of the summit and to diffuse the commitments made by the Haitian Government and partners.

The Summit will bring together the international community to reaffirm solidarity with people affected by crises and also to collectively commit to humanity. In Istanbul, the global and local leaders representing government, business, and civil society, among others, will announce concrete actions and commitments to stop conflicts, alleviate suffering and reduce risk.

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What in God’s name is the PM doing in Turkey when our total focus should be on the Electoral Process and completion of the vote?

Privert is counting upon delay becoming an accepted factor in our life.

He will delay, delay, delay towards infinity and peoples’ tolerance will expand to accept this.



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