We suggest that all the companies listed below be audited in Haiti and to review payment history and deposits into TELECO accounts.Or Fund can be use for School program


Haiti’s Telecom Sector is estimated to be at $448 million per year. In 1994, JBA realized that it was a very lucrative sector after having used the settlement accounts of TELECO in the US to finance his return to power in 1994. After having returned he granted a license to a newly formed company (FUSION TELECOM)  made up of Democratic heavyweights like Marvin Rosen , the former chairman of the Finance Committee of the Democratic Party. They were billing $3 million per month for 5 years. In the beginning of 2002, FUSION got out favor with Aristide because they did not agree to increase his commission from $1 million to 1.5 million per month. FUSION then stopped paying their bills to TELECO and still owe 1.8 million USD and they are no longer doing business with TELECO. Subsequently, Aristide personally got involved in the granting of new licenses with TELECO for a fee of 50% of all net profit on the contracts. Aristide creating a shell company called DIGITEC, within DIGITEC was the current DG of TELECO, Alphonse INEVIL, his brother in law: Lesly Lavlanete, Mrs. Aristide. They signed with the following US companies:

UNIPLEX TELECOM TECHNOLOGIES: US Company connected with a Capacity to do 20 million minutes to HAITI. This company has declared Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in the US but kept their contract with TELECO and pays TELECO over 1 million per month. Obtained the TELECO license with help of Mrs. Aristide thru the Brazilian Ambassador in Haiti. They have been connected to TELECO for 3 years. They are more or less not as corrupted as the others cited below
MOUNT SALEM COMMUNICATIONS GROUP:This is a shell company that Aristide created with FRED BELIARD. Essentially, they are an interface between TELECO and a Canadian Company called GLOBO.
This company bills GLOBO Canada more than $500,000 per month and payment to TELECO are directly to a Bank account number that is for ARISTIDE, they are making payments up til this day. Alphonse Inevil is still the DG of TELECO.
TERRA COMMUNICATIONS GROUP/WECOM:  same as Uniplex they have been interconnected since 2000 and owe TELECO more than 2 million. They are paying Aristide 3 cents per minute for every call to HAITI.
IDT: One the biggest Telephone companies in the World, the last company to be granted a license from Aristide, this contract was granted thru MOUNT SALEM and payments of more than 1 million dollars per month are made directly to ARISTIDE. Aristide also gets 3 cents per minute for every call terminated to HAITI.


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